Five Emmerdale theories: secret baby drama exposed and stalker victim crushed | The Sun

ANOTHER action-packed week begins with baby Reuben being rushed to hospital – could Mackenzie Boyd come clean?

Meanwhile, Tom King gets an awkward reunion – how will Chas Dingle react to his return? Here's what you could expect in Emmerdale.

1. Baby secret finally exposed

Fans of the Yorkshire-based drama are pleading with soap bosses to put an end to the Chloe and Mackenzie storyline by making the hunk spill the beans about his one night stand.

And he could be pushed to come clean this week as his son falls ill.

Jessie Elland's on-screen alter ego is left to her own devices next week as she adapts to motherhood following the birth of her son Reuben.

However, Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) is pained as he watches her struggle with their lovechild and some shopping, which prompts him to lend her a helping hand.

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But when Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) catches them together, she immediately chastises them.

Chloe promises it won't happen again but Sarah is left unconvinced – and she's right to be sceptical.

While in Sarah's absence, Mack awkwardly enquires about Reuben and he's buoyed when Chloe asks if he'd like to join them for a walk.

Mack then gets a shock when Chloe breaks the news she's planning on taking Reuben back to Scotland and his heart breaks as he says farewell to his son.

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Sadly, Chloe's plans are turned on their head the following day when Reuben starts running a temperature and Dr Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), who is concerned about his symptoms, suggests they take him straight to hospital.

Chloe's world falls apart when she's told Reuben could be suffering from bacterial meningitis.

Mackenzie is reeling when he gets wind that baby Reuben is unwell – will he fight the urge to go see his son?

Could he tell Charity everything before trying to support both Chloe and Reuben?

2. Real baby daddy revealed

ITV viewers have also recently speculated that Mackenzie may not even be Reuben's biological father.

When Charity insisted she and Mack dropped by Chloe and Amy's house to meet baby Reuben, soap fans realised the new mother gave birth after seven months of pregnancy.

In their eyes, this can only mean that Mack isn't the father.

"Hang on a mo. Mack cheated on Charity on September 1st. So if Chloe's baby isn't visibly premature, then it's not Mack's! Because she's only 7 and 1/2 months gone!"

Another echoed: "Yep, that isn't Mack's baby! There was no mention of an early birth at all. Either Emmerdale has hit a rare foul ball or that kid ain't Mack's!"

Some viewers have already found who they believe is Reuben's father.

Could Mack's pal Nate Robinson be part of another unpredictable twist in the Dales?

3. Mary gets revenge

Soap boss Jane Hudson announced Mary's love story with Faye will go south in upcoming scenes.

Mary, portrayed by Louise Jameson, recently made the decision to leave the Dales with Faye.

Her daughter Rhona gives her blessing this week and Mary is over the moon.

But before they can leave, Mary follows through on her promise to raise money for the Ecuadorian women's refuge Faye was eager to help out after a huge fire.

While at the auction, however, Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) gets increasingly wary when Faye is cagey on a bank transfer for the auction fund.

Suzy shares her suspicions with Mary but she's affronted by the claims and sends a large donation through to Faye to double down on her commitment.

Sadly for Mary, Suzy could well be right as she begins to dig and finds more evidence that Faye isn't who she seems.

Blinded by love and terrified of having to let go of her dream romance, Mary shuts her down.

But Suzy's words have had an impact on Mary – she later tests the waters herself with Faye.

The latter starts acting coy over finances and the reality starts to dawn on Mary.

As Mary accepts that Suzy is right about her, Faye is fully aware the jig is up and reveals her true nature.

A kerfuffle ensues over an envelope of money, prompting Faye to make her escape… leaving Mary bleeding and concussed.

With Faye rushing out of the village with her money, could Mary be tempted to go after her?


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4. Chas left reeling by shock return

After a decade spent abroad, Tom King (portrayed by newcomer James Chase) came back to the eponymous village to work as a vet.

This left Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) reeling as she hadn't seen her former boyfriend since their failed attempt at fleeing from their respective families and the hostility they displayed towards their relationship.

However, while Belle is aware Tom is back in Yorkshire, his own family members haven't been told he's returned.

Belle keeps Tom's secret and is guarded when Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) clues in to the fact that she's finally seeing someone new, a year after Ellis Chapman's exit.

Later on, at The Hide café, an excited Belle meets up with Tom as they rekindle their romance slowly, but she pleads with him to reach out to his family and stop keeping them in the dark.

The following day, Tom struggles with his unresolved grief over his father Carl, who was killed after he'd tried to rape Chas Dingle.

An awkward reunion ensues when Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola bump into him at The Hide.

With word of Tom's return echoing through the Dales, could it send Chas Dingle into a downward spiral as she remembers her stalking ordeal?

Could the rest of her family take action against Tom?

5. Explosive death ahead?

While his father has focused his attention on Kim Tate, Frank's widow, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) was hired as a nanny in Home Farm and was pushed to seduce Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

Nicky has successfully managed to make her believe he was in love with her and, in an attempt to get closer to her share of the Tate wealth, he proposed to her.

Gabby started to question Nicky on his motives for marrying her as he was very keen to skip all the planning for the nuptials and tie the knot as soon as possible.

However, no resident has grown more concerned than Caleb has as his son started to display signs of erratic behaviour.

In scenes airing next week, Nicky is incredulous when he finds out Caleb's new move – but what could it be?

Off-screen, viewers have started to speculate death could be in the cards for the schemer portrayed by Will Ash.

The theory emerged online during an explosive exchange between Caleb and Nicky, during which the latter was accused of sleeping with another woman behind Gabby's back.

Little does Caleb know that Nicky is actually in love with his "friend" Ally.

"Like Frank back in 1993, Caleb is completely unaware of his son's sexuality. History repeats itself, it would seem!", one viewer Tweeted.

"Poor Nicky this young man has a tough relationship with his father. Nicky just wants to help his mum. Caleb's obsession with getting Home Farm going to be his downfall", another added.

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