Faye Winter branded a ‘sarcastic b**ch’ in row at dog park after fellow Love Islander Olivia Attwood attacked over pet | The Sun

LOVE Island's Faye Winter was branded a "sarcastic b***h" during a tension-filled dog walk in the rain.

The reality TV star, 27, who is a proud campaigner for Guide Dogs UK, was walking her pet Bonnie, who she shares with love Island boyfriend Teddy Soares, 28.

The duo had headed out despite the horrible weather conditions, with Faye's bright white puffa jacket and wellies covered in mud.

With her head surrounded by a huge hood, make-up free Faye took to her Instagram Stories to share her morning's drama, in a story not dissimilar to that of fellow Love Island alumni Olivia Attwood's dog walk tale.

The former estate agent told the camera: "We are having to stand here because that lady has just shouted at us.

"I cant believe I just witnessed what happened, no I didn't even witness it, I was the main character in it.

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"So this owner is walking in front of us, I have seen she has put her dog on the lead so I put Bonnie on the lead and then there's only one way you can go on this walk.

"So we were at the gate and she's like 50 yards from us, look, quite a distance.

"Then we go through the gate and her dog keeps turning around looking at Bonnie and she says 'Can you keep your dog away from my dog?'

"And I said 'Pardon?' and she said 'Can you keep your dog away from my dog – you are clearly distracting my dog.'

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"I said 'I'm really sorry I don't want to go walking the whole way round. I will just wait at the gate for you to get a bit in front of us – don't worry I will delay my whole day.'

"Not that I'm doing much today but she doesn't know that."

Yet the chat took a vicious turn as Faye revealed: "She then began to call me a sarcastic 'b word' and I was thinking 'honey.'"

The woman then told the TV favourite: "There's no need to get funny with me – I do feel like you're very intimidating following me."

Faye, referring to her huge coat, then said she retorted: "I am walking my dog same way as you, dressed as Mr Blobby."

The straight talking star didn't appear upset – just stunned – at the incident.

Last month, Love Island's Olivia sobbed as she told how a dog owner turned on her calling her a "b**ch off the telly" and a "psycho" in a vile rant.

Olivia, who had to quit I'm A Celeb last year, spoke to her Instagram followers through floods of tears in her car.

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