Father Brown welcomes a Call the Midwife star this week

Father Brown: Lisa and Brenda are approached by bikers

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Father Brown episode The Wheels of Wrath will be hitting screens this afternoon (March 3) on BBC One at 1.45pm. It’s the height of summer in Kembleford and a group of bikers called the Ton-Ups show up in the sleepy English village. While some are intrigued by the gang, others are left with raised eyebrows.

Heads will be turned by some of the gang members, who are proving easy on the eye.

Both Father Brown (played by Mark Williams) and Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) are going to be trying to hold the peace between the bikers and the Kembleford residents.

But tragedy strikes during a ‘record race’ in a fatal motorcycle collision with Father Brown trying to stop another murder.

Sergeant Goodfellow (John Burton) will also be on the case while trying to balance the case with his Inspector’s exam.

Who is in the cast of Father Brown season 10, episode 9?

Denny Beaton – Trevor Cooper

Trevor Cooper plays Denny, the owner of a local café where the Ton-Ups have based themselves.

Cooper has appeared in Call the Midwife as Sergeant Woolf, This Country as Len Clifton, Casualty, Vikings and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, among other roles.

Lisa Morris – Annie Cordoni

Annie Cordoni portrays Lisa, one of Brenda’s (Ruby-May Martinwell) friends, who finds herself attracted to one of the gang members.

Father Brown marks actress Annie Cordoni’s first screen role, according to IMDb.

Billy – Jamie Bacon

Jamie Bacon takes on Bill, the handsome leader of the gang of the Ton-Ups and catches Lisa’s eye.

Bacon has previously starred in The Peripheral on Amazon Prime Videos, Brighton, Netflix’s White Lines, On the Edge and Midnight Peepshow.

Lance – Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones is Lance, a café waiter who has a soft spot for Lisa much to her mother’s chagrin.

Up-and-coming star Jones has also featured in Doctors and Zanka Contract.

Roger – Joshua Griffin

Joshua Griffin stars as Roger, a fellow gang member and Billy’s friend who becomes the victim of murder.

Joshua Griffin count credits in Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Repair, The Lies of Out Confines, The Stupid Boy and Too Rough.

Agnes Morris – Amy Cudden

Amy Cudden will be playing Lisa’s overprotective mother Agnes Morris, who isn’t impressed by the gang or her daughter’s eye on Billy.

Cudden’s other projects include The Midwich Cuckoos on Sky, Casualty, The Girlfriend Experience, Collider, Am I Being Unreasonable? and The Bill.

Speaking about working with Williams, Brenda actress Martinwell said: “It was so enjoyable.

“He’s a brilliant soul, full of fun, passion and knowledge. He taught me so much during those four months, all the camera tricks and tips and the secrets of working on the Father Brown set.

“Mark is such a lovely character, and it was such a privilege working alongside him and all our brilliant cast and crew members.”

Reflecting on what she wanted audiences to take away from Father Brown, she said: “There are some beautifully written episodes, with some lovely pure, honest and vulnerable moments.

“I am sure the audiences of Father Brown will thoroughly enjoy this next series. New cast, brilliant storylines, and lots of laughter to be had.

“Father Brown has great scripts, excellent directors, and a truly wonderful cast and crew. What’s not to love?”

Father Brown season 10 airs on Fridays at 1.45pm and season 10 is available to watch as a boxset on the BBC iPlayer

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