‘Everybody’s really shocked’ Jane McDonald opens up on unexpected living arrangements

Jane McDonald jokes about amount of butter James Martin has used

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Jane McDonald recently joined ITV chef James Martin to discuss her upcoming projects, which include a new album and tour. Touching on what inspired her to create the new album, Jane revealed she wrote a lot of her songs from her home in Yorkshire. She revealed to James that a lot of people are surprised when they find out she still lives in Wakefield.

After welcoming Jane to the show and revealing what he would be cooking for her, he exclaimed: “First of all, congratulations on everything you are doing.

“Everything you do turns to gold as well, you have a new album out, your about to go on tour, you have a new TV show.

“So tell me about the album, this is the thing you have been doing in lockdown you have been doing lots of bits and pieces and writing as well on your own piano.”

Agreeing, Jane explained: “Yes, I have a piano in my lounge, and I don’t get much chance to just sit and have a little play.”

“This is because you have been touring quite a lot, and before Covid, it is just relentless,” James quipped.

She continued: “Yeah! So then I sat down at the piano and worked with Shaun Barry, who is my MD and the band because everyone was available.

“We went into a local studio up in Castleford, which I didn’t know about because I come down to London to do my recording, and it’s fantastic.

“A lot of my band are in Yorkshire, and three of them live across the road,” Jane expressed before James interrupted: “You’re still based up there, aren’t you?”

Excited to speak about her home town, Jane said: “Yeah, I’m still in Wakefield, so everybody’s really shocked that I still do that!”

Recalling the research he had done before, James added: “Because that is where you fell in love with music in the first place, wasn’t it, going to church, wasn’t that where you first started?”

Jane teased: “Oh, you have done your research, haven’t you! Yes, it was, I have always loved music.

“I wanted to write a little bit, and I have been writing a long time actually, my fans know all about my writing.


“So this album was just a couple of the fan favourites and then a lot of my own songs on there,” she revealed.

Whilst still living in her home town, Jane has travelled across the world, bringing her fans along with her during the Channel 5 travel show.

Later in the conversation, James asked what her favourite place was she had travelled to and revealed it was her home town.

“I think probably Wakefield. I know it sounds a bit weird, but I love being at home, how the heck I’ve got a travel show, I’ll never know,” she laughed.

“I’m not that keen on travel, but I’m away such a lot, so my favourite place is my home when I get back, and I can kick back and relax.”

Jane recently took her fans on a trip to America, where she toured the Florida Keys as well as the waterways of Fort Lauderdale.

She has also taken her travel series to the likes of Crete, Italy, North Wales and Ibiza, where she gives top tips on what activities people can do if they are solo travelling.

Her new album called Let The Light In consists of some of her classic ballads as well as the newer songs which she wrote during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturday from 9:30am on ITV.

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