Eve beats her sister's killer to within an inch of her life in EastEnders

Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) had her whole world destroyed in recent EastEnders scenes when she learnt that her sister’s killer had been under the influence of alcohol when she got behind the wheel.

Caroline’s accidental confession left Eve furious, and she went on to completely trash Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) kitchen ahead of her visit from the social worker.

Eve’s actions led Stacey to throw her out, and Eve had no choice but to sleep on a bench in the Square, where former lover Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) found her the next day.

After a heart to heart, Eve headed to the police station to seek justice for sister Erica, with Suki flanking her closely, worried that Eve may lose control at any minute.

When Eve got the devastating news that the case was closed and nothing could be done, she headed straight to the Albert to get drunk.

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This left Suki concerned, and she had soon dragged Stacey out on the hunt for Eve.

However, Eve had already left the bar by the time they got there, with Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) informing them that she had asked Caroline to meet her.

Elsewhere, Caroline had arrived to her meeting with Eve, unaware of what lay ahead.

Eve soon pulled her into an alleyway, where they began to shout at each other, with Eve’s grief for her sister and anger at Caroline coming out thick and fast.

It wasn’t long before she had punched the killer, before throwing her against the wall and beginning to strangle her.

Fortunately, Suki and Stacey soon came running, with Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) managing to pull Eve away.

When Stacey took Caroline back to hers, Theo saw an opportunity to get Eve out of the way, when Stacey pointed out that Eve could go back to prison for her attack on Caroline.

Desperate to have Stacey all to himself, creepy stalker Theo took his opportunity when alone with Caz to encourage her to go to the police.

However, Suki had overheard the whole conversation and managed to put a stop to Theo’s meddling. Unfortunately, she wasn’t quick enough, as Caroline was soon on her way to the police station.

Thankfully, Stacey soon caught up with her, and emotionally revealed that she needed Eve around for when the new baby arrived, and she didn’t know how she’d cope with Eve in prison.

This gave Caz a change of heart, who headed back to the house with Stacey in order to hear what Eve had to say.

After her initial anger that Stacey had brought Caroline into the house, Eve opened up about how Erica’s death had affected her and her family growing up, before revealing that what she truly wanted now was to never see Caroline’s face again.

With that, Caroline left. Is this the last we’ve heard from her?

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