Emmerdale’s Kim Tate in death horror, Billy paedophile twist and baby heartache

Emmerdale fans best brace themselves for another jam-packed and loaded week, as Emmerdale Spoilers have revealed that there is quite a lot to look forward to.

The culprit behind Kim Tate's poisoning could finally be discovered, as Kim and her son Jamie suspect Will Taylor could be the mystery person behind the evil doings.

But will the discovery lead to Kim's death?

Meanwhile, Jacob Gallagher could be ruining Meena Jutla's chances pf moving in with her boyfriend David Metcalfe, as he seems to be getting in the couples way.

But Jacob has relationship troubles of his own this week, after Leanna informs him that she has a crush on Billy Fletcher.

Is Kim dead?

A few weeks ago, Emmerdale fans became convinced that Will Taylor could be the person behind Kim Tate's poisoning as it appeared that all clues and hints lead back to him.

This week, it appears as though Kim and her son Jamie believe that he could be behind the evil act too and after gathering enough evidence, the mother and son try to catch him in the act.

Noah Dingle sets the ball rolling when he discovers Diazepam in Will’s toolbox. Shocked by his discovery, he rushes to inform Jamie about what he had found.

But Jamie had to see things for himself and went snooping around Woodbine to look through Will's belongings. Surprised but enlightened, Jamie also stumbles across the Diazepam in Will's toolbox and takes pictures for evidence.

But Will returns home and catches Jamie going through his possessions. Trying to cover his tracks quickly, Jamie tells Will that he was looking in his toolbox for a screwdriver.

Later on, fully loaded with information and photographic evidence, Jamie presents his mother with the info that he's found.

Kim is evidently startled and heartbroken by the news that Will could be the one poisoning her and decides to question Will on why he has the medicine in his belongings.

Tackling matters head on, Kim quizzes Will and asks him why he is carrying Diazepam. But Will doesn't like the interrogation and refuses to answer Kim's questions.

After feeling an immense amount of pressure, Will reveals to Kim that he uses Diazepam to help control his nerves.

Unconvinced by his explanation, Kim decides to try and catch Will in the act and tells Jamie her plans the following the day.

Shortly after, Will is summoned into Home Farm on his day off and walks right into Kim's trap.

But things take a turn for the worse later on when Jamie receives an alarming phone call which leads him to stop everything he's doing to return home to the estate immediately.

When Jamie finally gets to Home Farm, he's startled to find his mother laying lifeless on the floor, Will in handcuffs and a body bag being unzipped ready for his Kim's body.

Baby heartache

Tracy Metcalfe isn't really having a great time as a first time mum, as her worries and fears over her daughter Frankie seems to overwhelm her.

A few weeks ago, Tracy had an accident with Frankie when she failed to put the brakes on the baby's pram- allowing the pushchair to roll away. But this week Tracy will break down over the safety of Frankie once again.

Mother-of-one Tracy is heading back to work after her partner Nate Robinson tells her that the farm may need to be closed down for a while in case infections spread.

Due to his concern over money, he asks Tracy to return to work which she agrees to do, despite feeling panicked about leaving her daughter Frankie.

Later on in the evening, as Nate books Lydia Dingle in for some childcare support for the following day, Tracy – who is set to return to work the next day too tries her best to sound positive.

But once left alone, it is clear to see that Tracy is not feeling too pleased about leaving her daughter in someone else's hands as she returns to work.

The next day, Tracy’s anxiety sky rockets when Nate informs her that Lydia’s fallen ill and Faith Dingle will be babysitting instead.

Tracy still manages to make it to work but is upset about leaving her daughter and tells a sympathetic Eric Pollard about her concerns. Feeling sorry for her, Eric says Tracy can finish up early for the day.

Elsewhere while at Tug Ghyll, feeling an uncontrollable stab of pain, Faith accidentally drops Frankie’s dummy on the floor.

Arriving home to witness the incident, Tracy is infuriated and struggles to contain her anger that Faith was going to give the dirty dummy to the baby. Feeling awkward Faith decides to leave.

Nate arrives home to find Tracy distraught. She informs him that the baby is only safe in her care and she cannot return to work because of this.

Later on, Wendy Posner approaches Tracy to remind her that Frankie has jabs to take the next day but Wendy touches Frankie with unwashed hands while talking, which makes Tracy uncomfortable.

Disgusted, when back at home Tracy tries to desperate wipe the germs off of Frankie's face but accidentally scratches her while doing so. Later on feeling helpless and overwhelmed, Tracy breaks down.

Billy’s paedophile shock

This week, Billy becomes involved in a dispute with Jacob Gallagher after he labels him a paedophile due to his involvement with Leanna Cavanagh.

Leanna and Billy have been getting rather close in the last few weeks or so which has made Emmerdale fans question whether there would be a future romance between the pair.

Despite the pair's obvious age difference, it is fairly evident that that they could like each other.

But Jacob is not best pleased with this, and he becomes even more unhappy when Leanna confessed that she does in fact have feelings for Billy.

Leanna and Jacob end up having an explosive argument and even pulled their friend Gabby Thomas into the disagreement.

Annoyed by Leanna's admission, Jacob takes it upon himself to confront Billy head on, which lead the two guys to have an argument of their own.

The pair clash and Billy is angered that Jacob is making him out to be a paedophile. But as the pair thrash it out, Leanna walks in and is appalled by what the two men are speaking about.

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Later on, despite have a crush on Billy, Leanna still has strong feelings for Jacob and is desperate to give their relationship another try.

Leanna confronts Jacob and ask him whether he would consider giving their romance another go, but Jacob refuses and shut her down harshly.

But once she leaves, it is clear that Jacob really doesn't mean it as he is still very much in love with Leanna.

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on weekdays on ITV

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