Emmerdale theory – New star Kit exposed as a SERIAL KILLER after Lydia Dingle hint; plus EastEnders & Corrie spoilers | The Sun

EMMERDALE could be rocked by yet another murderous serial killer, a new theory has suggested.

After Meena Jutla met her demise, a new theory by Express.co.uk suggests the residents of Emmerdale could have another killer in their midst – new arrival Kit.

He's been seen with Marlon Dingle as he is treated with physio, and pair have been working together to get the groom-to-be back on his feet following a devastating stroke.

In Tuesday's episode of the ITV soap, the newcomer starts to mix with other characters, such as Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) and these villagers could become targets for him to kill.

In the last epsiode, Lydia quizzed the newcomer over his piercing eyes

But the newspaper writes how she hinted at how she had a suspicion he was a serial killer by saying: "Ted Bundy. He had a fantastic set and look what happened there.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you're no serial killer, just the same eyes," she continued before making the newcomer his drink.

He seemed a bit freaked out by the conversation and he felt creeped out by Lydia as she continued to stare at him during his visit to the café.

Although this might have been him showing he was uncomfortable, in fact, it could have been because Lydia had blown his cover.

But could it mean new boy Kit is going to be the new village serial killer?

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    EastEnders confirms shock exit for Rainie Cross as Tanya Franks leaves the soap

    EAastEnders has confirmed another shock exit as Rainie Cross has quit Walford with Tanya Franks leaving the soap.

    The recovering drug addict – who is played by actress Tanya Franks in the BBC show – has left Albert Square with baby Roland.

    Viewers know she had been separated from her son after husband Stuart abandoned him during his secret post-natal depression battle.

    He dropped the baby off with surrogate Bernie leaving Rainie devastated.

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    Coronation Street star Tanisha Gorey buys her first home with boyfriend

    CORONATION Street star Tanisha Gorey has bought her first home with boyfriend Lucas Whelan.

    The 20-year-old actress – who plays Asha Alahan in the ITV soap – was thrilled to celebrate the huge step.

    Tanisha, who has played the schoolgirl for 13 years – shared a snap of the front door of her new property.

    She posted a photo of the house keys, alongside a photo of her beaming next to boyfriend Lucas.

    The soap star wrote: “I can’t quite believe we’ve bought our first home!!! Cue the typical pic hehe.”

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      Who were Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders?

      Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell arrived on Albert Square in 2007.

      Introduced by show producer Diederick Santer, they were the cousins of Phil and Grant Mitchell.

      Much hype was made about their arrival and the pair soon took over duties as temporary barmaids for the Queen Vic.

      Ronnie then took over the Walford nightclub with her boyfriend Jack Branning, who she eventually went on to marry – before dying on her wedding day.

      During their time on the show, the pair were involved in explosive storylines.

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      Hollyoaks spoiler: Ste has financial issues

      Elsewhere, Ste Hay (played by Kieron Richardson) is in for serious money woes this week as a hidden letter in Leela’s bag reveals the shocking reality of his family’s finances.

      Coming up, he even finds out he runs the risk of having his home repossessed.

      Determined to save it, Ste begs Leela not to give up and hides the truth from the rest of the family.

      He later comes up with a dangerous and desperate plan to rob cash from The Dog.

      Ste has been used to Ethan Williams and The Undertaker scheming their way through Chester but is it enough preparation for him to take such a risk?

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      Emmerdale: Creepy serial killer comparison

      Lydia made a very odd comment about Kit.

      She tried to compliment his eyes, but things went south very quickly.

      “Piercing aren’t they, your eyes?” Lydia gushed, she said: “Ted Bundy, he had a fantastic set. Look what happened there.”

      Kit was clearly disturbed by the remark, comparing him to a serial rapist and murderer from the US in the 1970s.

      She reassured him: “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re no serial killer.”

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      EastEnders: Lola’s tragic death revealed

      It had been previously speculated that Lola might meet a grisly end, however it will be so much more emotional than that.

      We are not ready for this, Lola is going to die from a debilitating illness.

      It has been reported that Lola will die from a brain tumour diagnosis, in upcoming heart-breaking scenes.

      The Metro reported Danielle Harold will also be written out alongside four other characters.

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      Coronation Street: Summer struggles with her body image

      While she is excited to go on holiday, she is terrified of how she will look in a bikini.

      Summer and Aaron are planning on going to Spain for a holiday.

      She tried to convince him that they should be doing “tourist” activities and not going for any water sports.

      He convinces her it would be a good personal challenge to be confident in her own skin and she feigns feeling positive.

      But she once again tips her insulin down the sink.

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