Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick reveals miscarriage scare during IVF pregnancy

Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick married Kate Brooks – a producer on the show – back in 2019.

In 2020, it was revealed Michelle had given birth to their first child – a baby boy, called Teddy.

Two years later and the couple have well and truly settled into parenting life.

The IVF process itself was a challenging one for Michelle and Kate, as they had no idea how successful it would be.

The couple read through a variety of CVs which revealed characteristics about donors as well as their values and family life.

With the donor picked, Michelle and Kate were over the moon to discover the process had worked first time.

Just like many others, Michelle and Kate’s pregnancy journey was a rollercoaster of emotions, with the couple experiencing a scare fairly early on.

‘I did have a massive bleed really early on’, Michelle explained to OK! Magazine.  

‘Up to the point where we thought that we were miscarrying, and we went to the early scan prepared for the worst. But the midwife said, “look at that strong heartbeat”.’

‘When Teddy is 18 he can find out who his dad is and we’d massively back him’, Michelle added as she and Kate reflected on their IVF journey.

‘I’d love to meet him just to say, “thank you so much for allowing us to be parents and giving us the most beautiful little boy”.’

Revealing more about the process of selecting Teddy’s biological father, Kate said: ‘The donor writes a letter to the child, which is for Teddy to read when he’s a bit older.

‘I just think it’s so important for Teddy to understand and know how he came about and what happened and how loved he was – and that this man out there wanted to help us.’

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