Emmerdale reveals who was stabbed during the night out

The moment that Billy Fletcher was seen dashing away from the nightclub with a knife stuffed down his sock in Emmerdale, fans were left worrying about who would get stabbed and whether they would live or die.

As the aftermath of the night out from hell continued tonight, Ellis was confirmed as the victim but who stabbed him – and what is Billy hiding now?

As Jessie (Sandra Marvin) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) reel from events and attend Ellis’ bedside, Billy has some questions to answer. We know that he has been in trouble with dangerous Max following the failed robbery but is it as simple as that?

He is certainly acting shiftily – but what will the truth be? Future scenes next month will see flashbacks to the night in the club that will show exactly how Ellis came to be attacked.

And in a recent trailer, Billy was seen fleeing in a panic from a scene? Could he have been involved in stabbing his own brother – and even if not, might he have left him there to perish?

And is the danger for the family over or only just beginning?

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