Emmerdale Nicky sacked, Corrie Stephen destroyed by Carla and 23 soap spoilers

The land of soap lines up one of its biggest weeks to date, with a number of shocking twists and surprising outcomes on the cards across all four of the nation’s biggest serial dramas.

EastEnders is, of course, the one to watch next week, with an intriguing and mysterious event amid a lock-in set to change everything for some of the show’s most iconic women.

Be warned, this week – especially Monday’s offering – is NOT one to be missed.

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Gabby Thomas go too far in her pursuit of Nicky, while a dead body causes chaos over at the B&B with opening day ending in a true travesty.

Over in Coronation Street, Stephen receives a setback when he discovers Carla Connor is intent on returning to work, while Hollyoaks sees Juliet Nightingale make a huge decision, and there will be tears aplenty.

It’s going to be a soapy week to remember, and if you’d like all the spoilers for the week in question (February 20 to 24) then carry on reading.


1. Linda’s world is turned upside down when she receives a photo of Shirley in the company of rapist Dean, which was forwarded to her by Carly. The discovery leaves the landlady devastated, as she retreats to the hallway and breaks down, with Kathy subsequently stepping in to console her, with the two discussing what they’ve both been through in the past.

2. Sharon and Keanu discuss their feelings and one thing leads to another, with the pair ultimately succumbing to temptation in the bathroom of the Vic, before returning to the bar, where they’re greeted by sarcastic comments, which leads the other residents in attendance to realise what they’ve been up to! There is, however, more heartbreak in store, as Sharon discovers the truth about Keanu and Sam’s past.

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3. With the evening having proven eventful for them, a number of Walford’s women settle in for a lock-in, where they bond over their shared experiences and moan about the men in their lives. What soon becomes apparent, however, is that in a flash, everything can change.

4. Denise struggles to resist Ravi, who goes out of his way to spend time with her, before apologising and trying to make things right. That is, until he asks her to spend the night with him at a hotel and, after a passionate kiss behind the Vic, Denise agrees to do just that!

5. Karen is distracted by a call and accidentally walks out of the Minute Mart without paying leading Suki to accuse her of theft.

6. Freddie and Bobby create a pancake-eating competition in an attempt to raise some extra cash.

7. Linda is torn in her decision, but Patrick offers her some wise words of advice. Afterwards, she makes a secret phone call. The question is: to who?

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Coronation Street

8. David learns that Max has been attacked and he subsequently drowns his sorrows, before leaning in for a drunken kiss with Maria, who orders him to go home. Maria relays the incident to Gary, who finds David and Shona in the Rovers and spills the beans, leaving Shona mortified as she hurries away, before later telling David that she’s leaving him!

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9. Stephen takes shocking action to keep Carla away from work, turning up at her home and spiking her glasses of water, leaving her feeling woozy and disoriented. Peter decides to call the doctor, worried sick about Carla.

10. Ryan listens as Alya opens up about her ordeal, suggesting that she should put it all down in her personal victim statement before pulling her in for a hug. Things, however, take a romantic turn and the hug soon turns into a passionate kiss.

11. Daisy is bombarded by messages from Justin, with Daniel resolving to report the incident to the police. PC Scott, however, plays the whole thing down and begins to like all of Daisy’s holiday snaps, much to her horror. Justin, meanwhile, has a bouquet of flowers in hand. Daisy approaches, destroying the bouquet before punching him, after he lays a hand on her. Justin accuses Daisy of assault, as she is taken to the station.

12. Paul struggles to grip a glass with his right hand when Billy’s back is turned, but he hides his concern.

13. Gemma’s distraught to receive an adjusted gas bill for £4000. Paul promises to help her sort it.

14. Nina volunteers to assist Evelyn at the charity shop when a customer called Mo cannot afford the suit he needs for an interview. Nina lends him £10 and wishes him well. When Mo calls into the cafe to repay Nina her £10, Evelyn’s forced to eat her words. Hearing that Mo needed the suit for an immigration interview, Daryan invites him to sit down.

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15. It’s opening day for the B&B, but Bernice’s attention is elsewhere as she spends the night with Tim, the harpist she’s booked to play. Tim, however, fails to show up to the event, and Bob is forced to explain to her that he’s found him dead!

16. Cathy is outraged when Bob hints that she should stay away from the big opening. After number of setbacks, the teen is left heartbroken, unable to understand why she’s feeling the way she is.

17. Marshall insists once more that he and Arthur simply can’t be friends, leaving Laurel to comfort her son. Arthur, meanwhile, turns to Jacob to help him prepare for his LGBTQ+ event.

18. Samson manipulates Noah into offering a pay off from his trust fund in order to stay away from Amelia and Esther.

19. Nicky brushes off Gabby’s advances, so she asks him to zip her up in her dress. Her position as his boss, however, means Nicky is reluctant to start anything with her, so she fires him so they can have their fun!

20. Ethan’s delighted when he and Marcus make up – but Marcus is hiding a secret guilt.

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21. Fed up of everyone constantly fussing over her, Juliet decides to head out to party at The Loft with new pals Lacey and Rayne. Peri, meanwhile, gets wind of what’s going on and heads over to The Loft, much to the horror of Juliet, who makes it her mission to keep the party going for as long as she can, but things take a turn when a piece of Juliet’s hair falls out, and she’s subsequently arrested following a showdown with Zoe.

22. Juliet makes a huge decision, resolving to shave off her hair after it begins to fall out. Subsequent scenes see her, with Peri by her side, head to the gym to show mum Donna-Marie and Leela her new look.

23. Warren collapses in pain, with Peri later speculating that his body could be rejecting his new liver. Devastated at the prospect of losing her son, Norma turns to Misbah, claiming that Warren’s potential liver rejection is a sign that her son doesn’t want her in his life, revealing a huge secret in the process.

24. Ethan feels under appreciated by Sienna and doesn’t know whether she’s as into their relationship as he is, especially after she declines his offer of being his plus one for Honour and Dave’s wedding, in which Dave asked him to be his best man. Ethan confronts Sienna and they end up getting into an argument.

25. Honour and Dave’s future is unclear.

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