Emmerdale for shock DOUBLE death in brutal stabbing attack?

Emmerdale’s Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) are going to be left fighting for their lives during the Big Night Out episode next week.

Emmerdale cast member Billy heads out to meet his old friend Max, who is currently trying to persuade him to take part in a robbery.

Billy is now having second thoughts about using his work van for the robbery, and when Max realises he wants to back out, he threatens him.

Later, Ellis works out what Billy is doing and sabotages the robbery, leaving the pair terrified about the repercussions.

Billy’s fears are confirmed when Max turns up to Tall Tree and threatens his family, leading to the pair having a fight.

Things escalate even further when Max tries to run over Billy and Ellis’ mum Jessie with the van, leading Jessie to ask Billy why he is hanging out with the thug again.

The next night, Max follows Ellis and the other villagers to the night out, and Billy is horrified when Billy sends him a picture of Ellis in the club.

He then races to the event to stop Max from harming his brother, but will he get there in time to save his brother?

Perhaps it will be him who is going to be in danger as he intercepts the stabbing…

A source revealed about the dramatic episode to The Sun: “Paedo Maya will finally be outed. But the bombshell is Victoria will get raped in a horror twist that will send her down a dark path.

“The night also sees a stabbing. There will be blood and violence to grip the Dales as they go dark to compete with their soap rivals.”

Are newcomers Billy and Ellis going to leave their mum devastated as they are killed by evil Max?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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