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EMMERDALE viewers have spotted major clues Pierce Harris has been around the village for weeks and Graham knew all along.

Last night there was shock as rapist Pierce emerged as Graham's killer after beating him over the head in the woods.

While other suspects in the village had their motives aired over the course of the week, Pierce remained hidden away in the shadows.

Last week viewers were confused when Grahm returned home in the middle of the night with bleeding knuckles.

He insisted he'd got a flat tyre to, to girlfriend Rhona, who was waiting up for him,

But it now looks likely he gave Pierce a beating, especially as the murderer had a black eye when he appeared on screen.

Then there was a mysterious voicemail message Graham deleted before Rhona had a chance to hear it. Could it have been a threat from Pierce?

Other clues were the disappearance of Rhona's son Leo's passport, preventing him from leaving the country.

Writing on Twitter, one fan posted: "The voicemail message that Graham deleted must have been from Pierce, the bloody knuckles are from Graham trying to send him on his way. Total shocker, but the clues were there. Well played #emmerdale #whokilledgraham."

Another said: "i think G gave Pierce a bit of a beating for Rhona? re the bloody nuckles in the other episode where he said he had car probs, last night Pierce had a black eye, glad it wasnt Ryan, Charity/Marlon, all too nice to be killers. great episode last night @DuncanLindsay #Emmerdale."

A third wrote: "Exactly! Even that day, w/ the phone call message & Graham's bloody hand I said it was Pierce on the phone & Graham just killed or beat up Pierce! I'm sure it's not that simple but Pierce being the killer is not a surprise, & definitely not a disappointment."

While another said: "Yeah took me a minute then realised it was Rhonas ex pierce. Pretty sure Graham attacked him a couple weeks ago. When he deleted the voicemail."

Vile Pierce was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after subjecting Rhona to a violent and horrifying rape on their wedding day.

Vile Pierce was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 after subjecting Rhona to a violent and horrifying rape on their wedding day.

He later convinced his mother to stalk Rhona in an effort to avoid punishment for his crime.

Rhona has bravely fought back from the brink and recovered from what Pierce did to her but fans are horrified he has returned.

One wrote: "OMG ..pierce!!!! Some of us said this at work but…. they did make sure we knew he was out too!!! Wow..just wow well done and sad to see graham go….."

A second said: "@emmerdale I did NOT see that coming!! #pearce."

Another added: "IT'S PIERCE! Brilliant!"

A fourth wrote: "OMG What A Twist. Congratulations Emmerdale. Never See That One Coming #BestSoapEver #BestStoryline."

Earlier this month Rhona received a phone call from victim support informing her that Pierce would soon be up for early release having served half his sentence.

Last week she heard banging in her house and rushed to check it out only to assume it was Vanessa at the veterinary surgery linked to the cottage.

Viewers will have to wait until tonight’s episode to see Graham’s murder from his perspective.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV

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