Emmerdale fans predict horrific twist in Lydia Dingle rape plot after latest Craig dilemma

Emmerdale fans have predicted a twist in Lydia Dingle's rape storyline, as she continues to navigate her devastating secret after ex Craig abused her on the ITV soap last week.

The beloved character, played by Karen Blick, was sadly brutally raped by the father of her late baby son Toby in the Yorkshire Dales last week.

Cleaner Lydia has been struggling with her trauma ever since, as husband Sam Dingle remains oblivious to what's happened.

During the latest instalment on Monday evening, September 11, Lydia was determined to find a way to quit her new job working with Craig in a bid to escape from her attacker and cut him out of her life altogether.

But Craig was determined to keep Lydia close to him, and insisted that while what happened was "best forgotten," he wanted to carry on as thought nothing had happened.

And with the twisted character now becoming close friends with Sam and even offering his son Samson work experience at the company, Lydia is trapped in the situation.

As viewers' hearts broke for the character, many predicted that Craig's plan could be to abuse and even rape Lydia again, or manipulate and control her into doing his bidding so he can keep Sam on side.

One person said: "He's going to hurt her again if she goes back to work, poor Lydia #emmerdale."

Another fan wrote: "#Emmerdale Craig’s keeping a strong grip on Lydia. Only escape is telling Sam what happened but she’s in no hurry to say anything"

While a third person guessed:"Craigy’s here for seconds #Emmerdale" followed by another viewer thinking that Lydia could even be "pregnant" after being raped.

Others predicted Lydia could end up destroying Craig if she goes back to work with him, as one person said: "She's just the person to destroy his business and bring him down #emmerdale"

What's more, Craig continued to gaslight Lydia into thinking what happened was her fault, and even attempted to convince her him raping her had been a joint moment between them as he called it their "little thing".

As Lydia continued to struggle at work and Sam was worried about her being tired or poorly, the character ended up cornered with Craig at the Dingles' farm once more.

"Our little thing was a shock to both of us I think. Not going to lie, it was special," the evil Craig said. "But what we did, it's best forgotten.

"I only want you to be happy, so let's forget our missteps, and start over as dear old friends," the twisted rapist continued, desperate to keep Lydia working at his company.

"Come back to the office," he urged. "It'll go back to how it was, but friends. No more mishaps.

"Sam is a good man but he can't forgive this, you saw his jealousy towards me, that doesn't go away. If he learns that we betrayed him… I would hate this to be the end of your marriage.

"I don't want you to lose everything again, but that is what will happen if you don't pull yourself together," the man coerced, as Lydia eventually faltered.

Elsewhere in the Dales, Sam's younger sister Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) made up with her boyfriend Tom, and promised to support him after he was attacked by thugs in the previous episode.

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