Emmerdale fans overjoyed as old favourite returns to ITV soap

Emmerdale fans watched a bittersweet episode on Thursday night as one fan favourite returned to the soap while another made a shock exit.

Kerry Wyatt has been off screen since November as actress Laura Norton who plays her is on maternity leave, but teased her comeback with a video call scene.

Fittingly, Kerry's return was for ex Dan Spencer's final appearance in the village after 12 years, as he was handed a shock eight-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Dan (Liam Fox) had punched his daughter Amelia's stalker Lloyd, who ended up in a coma and later died in hospital.

Kerry, who was arrested for bigamy on her wedding day to Dan, called him to wish him luck ahead of his sentencing in Thursday's episode where he pointed out she had already sent him a card.

She was seen on a screen saying: "I can send you a card and give you a call, can’t I? Why what else have you got on today like? So what a state of affairs. I mean I know you’d do anything to get out of work but do you not think you’ve gone a bit far this time? You holding up OK though?"

A terrified-looking Dan answered: "Pretty scared Kez, pretty scared. That said if you told me a year ago that I’d be facing this I’d feel a lot worse. I still can’t believe it. I’ve known for weeks and it still feels like a dream."

Kerry told him: "Because it’s not right Dan and everybody knows it. The whole village is rooting for you.

"I'll tell you another thing, if that judge has got an ounce of intelligence he’ll see straight away that you’re a good’un. An idiot but a good’un. I wish that I could be there for you all. I love you Dan. I’ll see you very soon."

However, viewers were shocked to see Dan sent to prison for eight years, marking an end to actor Liam's time on the ITV soap.

Laura is expected to return full time at the end of her maternity leave, but fans were delighted to get a short catch up with Kerry.

One fan tweeted: "Ahh Kerry and Dan!! Like the old days."

Someone else added: "Great seeing @lawrencenotrin on our screens again! Lovely scene between Kerry and Dan!"

Another viewer wrote: "Love Kerry, abs legend."

But other viewers pointed out that Kerry had never served time for her own crimes which led to the death of Frank.

One person tweeted: "It's actually Heartbreaking that Dan got 8 years in prison whilst his ex Kerry is a murderer who got away with her crime."

Another viewer wrote: "It’s ok, one day Kerry will be in the jail next door, she did murder after all, or have the writers forgot…"

Someone else added: "Didn’t Kerry get away with murder? Should have asked her Dan."

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