Emmerdale fans in tears as police find Leanna’s body while killer Meena watches

Emmerdale fans shared their sadness as poor Leanna's bloodied body was recovered by police after she failed to turn up for her 18th birthday party.

Viewers saw sick killer Meena Jutla murder the teenager in last night's show, as she threw her over a bridge to try to keep her murderous secrets.

Fans were angry that evil Meena stood on and watched the scene and pretended to be shocked and grief-stricken as Leanna's friends and family discovered the tragic news that she was dead.

Her dad, Dr Liam Cavanagh had been worried sick after his daughter failed to arrive home.

Liam’s ex Bernice Blackstock discovered tragic Leanna’s body while out for a run.

Emergency services were called and the village discovered what had happened.

Police called around to Liam’s house to give him the heartbreaking news about his daughter.

Naturally, Liam was in denial: “Of course she’s okay, she has to be.”

He left the house and ran towards the scene.

Vicious Meena offered her condolences: "If there's anything we can do…"

Leanna’s on-off boyfriend Jacob was shouting: “Why don’t you care about her?! What is wrong with you?”

Later, heartbroken Liam talked about how Leanna had been out there all night on her own.

Viewers rushed to praise Jonny McPherson’s performance as dad Liam in particular, as it pulled at the heartstrings.

One wrote on Twitter: “ Emmerdale was fantastic! I do think though Meena should have killed Jacob, (Because I find him annoying) but Liam's reaction to the death was heart-breaking."

Someone else added: "What a dreadful thing for a parent to go through, poor Liam."

“My heart broke for Liam. I loved his bond with Leanna,” said another fan with lots of crying emojis.

There were many heartbreak emojis from fans, with one summing the episode up: "Amazing editing and acting there Emmerdale!”

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