Emmerdale exit as Lydia Dingle ‘exposes’ Craig’s killer after family betrayal

Emmerdale: Craig gets arrested

Emmerdale stalwart Lydia Dingle (played by Karen Blick) has been trying to come to terms with what Craig Reed (Ben Addis) did to her.

However, in recent scenes, it all got too much for the cleaner and she finally told her family the truth about what happened.

Despite going to the police and Craig getting arrested, Lydia has no evidence of the attack because she burned the clothes she was wearing that day.

Sam also struggled to come to terms with everything and in true Dingle fashion, he burst into Craig’s office to confront him.

Although, it didn’t take long for Lydia and Mandy (Lisa Riley) to talk him out of doing something stupid.

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In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk and other press, James Hooton discussed the upcoming storyline which will see Lydia trying to find out what happened on the night of Craig’s death.

Sam and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) end up holding the villain hostage, and he ends up being killed – but by who?

Lydia is set to gather the entire Dingle family at The Woolpack where each family member will be put under suspicion.

James began: “Lydia wants to get to the bottom of who has killed Craig, and as you have outlined, we start with the finger being pointed at Cain and Sam because they took it upon themselves to take Craig to a disused farm warehouse and they have tied him up.”

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The soap star went on: “The spotlight is on various individuals throughout various episodes and it centres around the idea that the 12 Dingles in the room are conceding some kind of secret which may or may not lead to Lydia discovering who has actually killed Craig.”

When discussing how the scenes unfold, the Sam Dingle actor said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, Craig’s body is found and it’s reported to the police.

“Quite obviously, from the police’s point of view, they want to eliminate anyone from their inquiries that had any axe to grind or potential reason for killing Craig.”

“If he has indeed been killed, of course,” he teased.

James also revealed all the Dingle family members have a secret to hide, but does that mean one of them killed Lydia’s attacker?

If Lydia does end up finding out what happened to Craig, will she betray her family by going to the police to confess what happened?

In doing so, one of the Dingle stalwarts could end up being sent to prison.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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