Emmerdale death confirmed as Charity left reeling by Ryan’s devastating mum news

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle is set for even more heartache in the village next week, as she struggles to comfort her grieving son Ryan after he receives some bad news.

As though she wasn't dealing with enough with the return of her scorned ex Vanessa Woodfield, Charity ends up putting her foot even further in her mouth than usual as she messes up with both Ryan and her boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd.

As Charity heads off to meet with Vanessa for an organised play-date with their young sons – all dressed up – her son Ryan receives multiple calls, and when he finally gets to the phone it's clear he's had some terrible news.

Ryan attempts to contact Charity, who rejects his call in favour of spending more time with Vanessa. Soon, Ryan confides in Mackenzie that his adoptive mum Irene has died.

As Charity and Vanessa's boys enjoy spending time together, the exes are thick in conversation when Charity goes on to reject a call from her partner. So instead, Mack offers to drive Ryan to go and see his brother.

The next day, Mackenzie urges his housemate to tell Charity about his adoptive mum's death – but it ends up being Mack who eventually blurts the news, leaving Charity furious he hadn't told her sooner.

Soon Charity is left hurt, worrying she's hurt both Mack and Ryan with her actions. Even Vanessa is annoyed by her typical Charity behaviour and storms off.

Seeing no other way to drown his sorrows, Mackenzie hits the booze and before long is discussing his tumultuous relationship with Dawn.

It's down to Vanessa to encourage her ex-girlfriend to fix things with Mack, but before anything can be said, Charity spots her very drunk boyfriend across the road, who has already clocked her with her ex – so makes a lunging doorstep kiss at Dawn.

The following day, Billy is furious to hear about the snog, as Mackenzie decrees him and Charity are now over for good.

But Mackenzie finds himself torn as Vanessa informs him Charity was actually coming to apologise to him before he messed things up good style by kissing Dawn.

Can everyone sort out their differences, or are Charity and Mackenzie doomed for good?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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