Emily in Paris star defends ‘genuine’ lead from season 3 backlash

Emily in Paris: Trailer for season 3 of Netflix comedy drama

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Lily Collins stars as fashionable social media strategist Emily Cooper in Netflix’s hit rom-com series, Emily in Paris. Although the French-set drama has become one of the streamer’s biggest hits of the past few years, the lead actress has issued a defence of her character during an appearance on The View during the run-up to the controversial release of season three.

American star Lily has defended the show’s main character as Emily in Paris continues to be critically maligned with the release of season three.

Although fans have grown to love the show’s optimistic heroine and her antics in the city of love, the series is often considered to be one of Netflix’s less substantial offerings.

Season three returned this week and continued the romantic entanglement between Emily, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Camille (Camille Razat) and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount).

Meanwhile, she continues to be challenged just as much in her professional life, and this time has to choose between her job at Saviour or Sylvie’s (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) marketing agency.

Some viewers have blasted the series for recycling storylines this season, but Lily had nothing but praise when she appeared on ABC to promote the series.

“When we filmed it we had no idea it would come out during a time when the world needed to laugh and smile and escape and travel,” she explained.

“And I think that we were able to provide a sense of joy at a time when we needed it the most.”

Emily in Paris’ first season was released in October 2020, when much of the world was still in some form of lockdown following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Fans quickly latched on to the series for its escapism and light drama, but does Emily’s Parisian adventure still have staying power two years down the line?

Lily went on: “As a woman in the workplace I was really excited that I got to play a character who is unapologetically herself.

“[She’s] unapologetically work-driven, in love with herself, in love with love, in love with her job.

“In a way that just felt genuine and true and non-apologetic. And that felt really special.”

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Season three was released this Wednesday to relatively damning reviews from both critics and viewers, although die-hard fans are still eating up the drama – even if it’s a strong contender for their guilty pleasure of the year.

Twitter user @BattinsonMarvel tweeted: “I am so ready to hate-watch #EmilyInParis season three and trash all the horrible fashion. My favourite holiday comfort show is coming back!”

@HoldTheGiirl said: “Gonna hate-watch Emily In Paris I can’t wait to see how bad season three is.”

@kunimiew_ wrote: “Watching Emily in Paris season three reminded me how much I hate Emily, ugh.”

Meanwhile, The Independent has called the latest season a “mindless extravaganza” and The Telegraph insisted, “Netflix’s hit show is even more vacuous than ever,”

Although @ughfahim hit back at complaints: “‘I’m hate-watching Emily in Paris’, just admit that you like it, sometimes a series is so bad and cringey that it’s entertaining.” (sic)

Opinions are clearly still split on the new season, but Emily’s latest fashion fiesta could still be the one to win even Netflix’s most cynical viewers over.

Emily in Paris season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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