EastEnders viewers ‘sobbing’ as Lexi told to say final goodbye to mum Lola

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    EastEnders fans were in bits tonight (May 30) as Lexi was told to say her final goodbyes to her dying mum Lola.

    Lola, who has been battling a terminal brain tumour, was seen unresponsive as Jay sat by her bedside, when he called the nurse to check on her.

    After being told she was alive but it was “time to say your final goodbyes” Jay was seen explaining to Lexi that her mum was “going to sleep” and soon wouldn’t wake up.

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    Fans flooded social media with comments about the emotional scenes.

    “No Jay telling Lexi just broke me #Eastenders,” gushed one fan.

    “omg why am i sobbing at this jay and lexi scene,” penned a second.

    A third added: “Jay explaining to Lexi that Lola hasn’t got long to live. It’s heartbreaking,” while a fourth gushed: “#Eastenders heartbreaking scene jay holding back his tears as he explains to Lexi oh gosh.”

    Accompanied by Phil, Honey headed to the police station and demanded Billy's release.

    Jack, however, clarified that it would only happen if Nish withdrew his witness statement and refrained from pressing charges.

    Determined, Honey and Phil embarked on a mission to persuade Nish.

    Honey resorted to blackmailing Suki over their kiss to convince Nish to drop the statement.

    As a result, Billy and Lola shared a poignant moment as he spent time with her.

    Meanwhile, Phil grew frustrated as nobody seemed able to reach Ben.

    He made the decision to travel to the United States and bring him back.

    Kathy advised him against such a reckless move while she and Callum searched the flat for any clues about Ben's whereabouts.

    In the midst of their search, Ben called Callum and informed him that he could secure Lola a trial.

    Unaware of Lola's deteriorating condition, Callum chose not to disclose the news to Ben, knowing that he was already on his way to catch a plane.

    Callum worried that Ben would never forgive himself if he wasn't there when Lola passed away.

    Fans slammed Ben’s decision to leave Lola and his daughter Lexi.

    “Ben has really become insufferable – always throwing a strop. He needs to be written differently or viewers are going to get very tired of him,” slammed one fan.

    “I am not ready for if Ben doesn't make it home in time. It'd hit them both so hard. #Eastenders,” penned a second, while a third added: “Is Ben the biggest delusional self-obsessed shit in the history of Soap?”


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