EastEnders: The BBC soap's 10 most iconic episodes

WITH EastEnders production halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the BBC is set to air a selection of iconic episodes of the soap each week.

FROM jaw-dropping 'duff duff' moments, to the coining of iconic phrases such as ‘You ain’t my muvva’, here are 10 of the soap’s unforgettable episodes we want to see shown again by the BBC.

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10. Steve kills Saskia with an ashtray (February 1999)

Valentines Day didn’t go to plan for Steve Owen back in 1999 when his ex Saskia Duncan rocked up at the E20 club and told him she’s aborted his baby. 

Steve ended up striking her in the head with an ashtray – and finishing her off.

9. Lucy Beale’s killer is revealed (February 2015)

The unmasking of Lucy Beale's killer in an episode to mark the 30th anniversary of the soap knocked the nation for six. 

A shocking flashback revealed that Bobby killed his sister by hitting her over the head with a jewellery box.

8. Max and Stacey’s affair is revealed (December 2007)

The nation were as stunned as the Brannings when Lauren’s DVD revealed Max and Stacey’s affair during EastEnders’ 2007 Christmas episode.

The moment of reveal has to be one of the most awkward episodes in EastEnders’ history.

If only Dot had got her way and been able to watch the Queen’s speech instead.

7. Max Branning is buried alive (March 2008)

After the big reveal of the affair, things only got worse for Max when ex-wife Tanya Brnaning tried to bury him alive. 

With the help of her new lover Sean Slater, Tanya drugged Max and shoved him in a coffin before dragging him out of the woods.

Luckily for max, Tanya’s guilty conscience got the better of her and she eventually returned to dig him up.

6. Janine pushes Barry off a cliff (January 2004)

EastEnders viewers were left reeling when Janine shoved Barry off a cliff after he refused to believe their marriage had been a scam back in 2004.

And she couldn’t even leave it there – she followed him down the cliff, taunted him a bit more and then watched him die. 

5. Dot Cotton’s monologue (31 January 2018)

Following the death of Jim Cotton from EastEnders, Dot Cotton taped him a goodbye message.

It remains the only episode of the BBC soap in which only one character features.

The episode saw actress June Brown nominated in the Best Actress category at the 2009 British Academy Television Awards. 

4. 'Sharongate' (October 1994)

In what is undoubtedly one of the most quintessential soap moments of all time, Sharon’s affair with Phil came to light via a recording in which Sharon confessed to sleeping with Phil.

Discovering the tape, Grant played it in the Queen Vic during Phil’s engagement party, before beating his brother unconscious.

3. 'Sharongate' round two (November 2019)

With Mel Owen keen to see history repeat itself, Sharon found herself racing her nemesis to the airport to meet Phil after Mel decided it was time to reveal her affair with Keanu.

But Mel’s plan to get revenge on Sharon spiralled out of control as she found herself in a horrific car crash.

Viewers then got another shock when Mel, having survived the crash thanks to the help of Sharon, was knocked dead by a speeding lorry while trying to walk back to the burning car.

2. Dirty Den serves Ange divorce papers (December 2018)

After discovering that his wife Angie was lying about having a terminal illness, Den decided to get some sweet revenge. 

Den serving Angie with divorce papers instead of Christmas dinner remains the most-watched TV episode of any UK soap ever.

1. ‘You ain’t my muvva’ (September 2008)

The nation’s jaw dropped at the unforgettable confrontation between Kat and Zoe back in 2008. 

The iconic dialogue exchange as Kat revealed that Zoe was actually her daughter – “You can’t tell me what to do ‘cause you ain’t my muvva”/ “YES I AM!” – set the scene perfectly for an iconic 'duff duff' EastEnders moment.

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