EastEnders star Maddy Hill takes the soap's new hunk James Farrar out for coffee on break from filming

EASTENDERS hotties Maddy Hill and James Farrar used a break in filming to go on a coffee run together.

The pair were rugged up against the cold weather as they took a stroll with their take-away coffee while on a break from filming the beloved BBC soap.

Maddy who plays fan favourite, Nancy Carter, looked snug in a red scarf and a khaki coloured puffy coat which she wore over jeans.

She wore her long blonde hair in a half-up, half-down look as she chatted away to her new co-star.

Newcomer James plays the fresh hunk on the block, Zack Hudson, and kept warm in a baker boy cap and black jacket.

He listened intently to Maddy as they strolled down a street near the Eastenders film set in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

The pair were likely discussing their potential upcoming steamy scenes after James confirmed his character had his sights set on Nancy.

Teasing what’s in store for Zack and Nancy, James told The Sun Online and other media in March: “There’s a certain blonde that’s returning that I have a feeling there might be some friction with and considering a lot of my scenes are with the Carters, you’ll probably be able to guess who that is.”

Nancy made her comeback to Albert Square last month as Maddy reprised her role after five years away.

But the actress admitted her return had “been a big cause of anxiety”.

In a recent Instagram post, Maddy Hill got candid about being in the public eye and being nervous about “emerging from lockdown”.  

After Maddy thanked fans for watching her return to the BBC’s popular soap EastEnders, she admitted how “getting recognised in public for playing her is really difficult.”

Keeping the post somewhat light-hearted, the 31-year-old said she “buried” her anxiety “in true human fashion.”

She explained, “Reason I thought I’d write about this here even though I don’t think I’ve ever posted about anything like this is that me going back on screen has timed exactly with us all emerging from lockdown”. 

Realising she is not alone, Maddy continued, “Surely the majority of people are feeling some anxiety around socialising again?”

“There’s also the feeling of just being socially rusty and doing/ saying weird s**t around other people that makes you feel like a plonker and then go and berate yourself in the pub toilets whilst you’re touching up your make up for the twentieth time in an hour and giving yourself crazy eyebrows that you spent 5 hours painting on in the first place because you’ve forgotten how to do makeup.

“Add to that the fact that absolutely s**t all has actually happened in the last year (apart from really awful loss/ trauma for so many) so knowing that your chat is going to be utterly barren aaaaaaand you’ve got a recipe for anxiety”.

Bringing a sense of togetherness, Maddy signed off: “Anyway. Point being – I feel y’all, I love y’all, and we’re all mad anxious and awkward together.”

On-screen dad Danny Dyer showed his support and commented, “My girl,” alongside two heart emojis.

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