EastEnders Sharon murder plot ‘sealed’ as fans predict she’ll ‘finish Ravi off’

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    EastEnders viewers are convinced Sharon Watts is set to bring down villain Ravi after discovering he is the one that attacked Keanu.

    Viewers last saw Keanu being attacked in the square by Ravi after he was arrested at Albie’s Christening at the Vic.

    Keanu unknowingly transported Cocaine in the delivery van at the request of Ravi, believing it to be marijuana.

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    After he was released from jail, Keanu swore he didn’t grass him out the police, but Ravi received orders from the top inflict hard on Keanu, and Phil found him beaten and unconscious before he was rushed to hospital.

    As Sharon discovered a voice note left by Keanu shouting Ravi’s name just before the attack, fans believe she will finally take him down for good.

    “Sharon’s gonna fu** Ravi up !! FULL STOP # EastEnders,” said one fan.

    “OMG Sharon's totally gona kill Ravi for real. Just look what she did to Ian after Denny seriously!!! #EastEnders,” another penned, while a third said: “Finish him Sharon #eastenders.”

    Nish had seen a confrontation between Ravi and Sharon and had realized that his son was the attacker as Sharon had threatened to report him to the police.

    Back at the hospital, Karen and Sharon had been overjoyed that Keanu was going to be okay and they had finally reached a truce.

    As Nish had berated Ravi for putting himself in a position to be thrown back inside, the police had arrived at Walford East.

    They had arrested Ravi for attempted murder. Phil was horrified to realize that Sharon had ratted Ravi out.

    Billy had struggled to celebrate his birthday in the face of Lola's tragically short life expectancy.

    Meanwhile, Lola had been trying to throw a surprise party for him at The Vic. Honey had been conflicted when

    Lola had brought her in on the plan, knowing Billy couldn't bring himself to feel happy.

    Later, Billy had walked into The Vic to find all his friends waiting to surprise him, wearing capes. Lola had explained it was a superhero party because he was her superhero.

    Overcome with grief, Billy rushed out in tears, but eventually joined in the party after some comforting words from Lola.


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