EastEnders secret siblings, Emmerdale reunion and 8 more soap spoilers

Expect fireworks aplenty in the soaps this week, with big showdowns, shock returns and sparks igniting with old flames reuniting.

EastEnders continues its trend of being the one-to-watch as Peter Beale arrives back in Walford with former star Thomas Law having reprised his role full-time, and he’s in for quite the shock upon setting foot back on the Square!

Over in Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle struggle to resist one another as a night of passion between the two former lovers ensues, which leaves the pair of them asking big questions about what this means for their future.

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, sees Rayne Royce also asked some difficult questions, while Coronation Street sees Paul Foreman enjoy what he comes to believe will be his last ever Pride.

For all this and more, Metro.co.uk has selected the top 10 must see moments of the week ahead, so what are you waiting for? Have a read, we insist!

Peter Beale returns to EastEnders

Anna finally breaks her silence over her mum’s number, revealing all to George, who subsequently reveals a secret of his own, explaining that he’s always had access to the telephone number! The patriarch, however, reiterates that Rose doesn’t want to be found.

Elaine, meanwhile, reckons it’s natural that the girls want their mum, with George therefore giving them his blessing. Anna subsequently makes contact, leaving a message for her mum, telling her that she’s in Walford and misses her every day.

In France, Peter intercepts a text from Anna and is stunned to find out he’s got two sisters he never knew about. Ian deletes the messages, pleading with Peter to keep quiet. Peter, however, declares he’s heading to Walford and, later, he arrives home – just as Anna and Gina lock up for the night!

Ryan starts an online profile in Coronation Street

Ryan is feeling the pressure when Peter reveals he needs some rent off him as he heads to the bistro to asks for some shifts. Things, however, take a turn when he receives a message from Liv, one of his followers, who asks him to drop his trousers and send a picture. Subsequently, Liv asks for more, and Ryan therefore creates an account on O-Vidz, later receiving a message from a man named Guy, who wants to pay for a video of his body.

Mackenzie and Charity reunite in Emmerdale

Charity offers The Woolpack as a potential venue for Reuben’s christening, with Chloe laughing off the suggestion, having not realised that the landlady was being genuine. Mackenzie, meanwhile, grovels to Charity, but one thing leads to another, with the two ending up in a passionate embrace!

Mackenzie, reeling from having spent the night with Charity, turns to Moira for some advice. Charity, meanwhile, dares to hope for a reunion. Mack feels the pressure, with Moira reminding him that he could lose Reuben if Chloe finds out, as he finds himself torn between the mother of his child and the woman he loves.

It’s GCSE results day in Hollyoaks and Charlie struggles

It’s GCSE results day and the teens are on edge. Mason is left feeling deflated, having failed maths, worried about how his dad might react to the news, while Charlie is nowhere to be seen, leaving Shing Lin worried, and later he rushes out of school, with Felix encountering the teen at the park, offering him help, but Charlie pushes him away.

Yolande to exit EastEnders already?

Patrick and Yolande are smitten, but it’s clear that Yolande is hiding something after she avoids a phone call. Later in the café, Yolande’s ex-lover Anton arrives and a fight with Patrick quickly ensues. Anton insists that Yolande is leaving with him and tells her he’s willing to forgive and forget, giving her until tomorrow to come back and make amends. But will Yolande leave the Square?

Paul makes a realisation while at Pride in Coronation Street

Paul gets into the spirit of Pride and dons fancy dress, but he is ultimatelydismayed when his occupational therapist agrees with Billy that it’s probably time for a wheel chair. Paul is angry at Billy and, when David reveals that he found Paul drinking vodka on a bench, Billy blames himself. Paul, meanwhile, is helped into the pub by three drag queens and, as everyone rallies round him, he gets upset that it will be his last ever Pride.

Rhona helps Mary, Marlon and Paddy face their fears in Emmerdale

Marlon is nervous about being behind the wheel, while Mary lies about dating again, with Paddy finding her sobbing in a field. Paddy is quick to support her, but Marlon and he are soon at odds, with Rhona feeling pulled in three different directions – that is, until she has enough and orders Marlon, Mary and Paddy to prepare for a’fear-facing’ day, as she reveals what she’s organised for each of them.

Rayne’s mask slips in Hollyoaks

When things don’t go her way, Rayne unleashes her rage on both Lacey and Nadira – with some seriously hurtful words. Her outburst is witnessed by James, who knows something’s not right as he vows to investigate, while Romeo gets wind of what has transpired and wastes little time in confronting Rayne.

Suki worries for Eve in EastEnders as she goes after Caz

Eve, having slept rough on a bench, has a heart-to-heart with Suki about her sister’s death, with the two heading to the police to share new information. The police, however, reveal that Caz has served her time and thus the case is closed. Eve seethes, drowning her sorrows before setting off to meet with Caz, much to Suki and Stacey’s horror.

A hospital showdown in Coronation Street as drug dealer Dean goes after Cassie

Cassie meets up with drug dealer Dean, who turns nasty as he reminds her that she owes him money. Michael insists on taking Cassie, who is in pain, to hospital, but Dean follows them and, when Ronnie arrives, he sees Michael in the middle of a row with Dean. Dean lashes out, punching Michael, with Ronnie tempted to call the police, but Cassie asks them not to.

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