EastEnders fans fear for Chelsea’s safety as she cheats on Gray with mystery man

EastEnders fans have shared their concerns online after they watched Chelsea Fox spark a new romance with another man behind Gray Atkins’ back.

BBC viewers were sat on the edge of their seats during Tuesday night’s episode of the long-standing soap opera as fan witnessed the dark side of Gray come out to play.

After watching Gray’s girlfriend Chelsea show a selfish disregard to his children, Karen finally confronted Gray about his choice in women after his brunette beauty skipped out on Mia’s birthday party.

But as recent history will attest, it doesn’t take much to anger Gray after he snapped back at his mother-in-law to stay out of his love life or face the consequences.

He warned: “My relationship is my business. Nobody else’s,” before threatening: “Who the hell gave you the right to say who I should and shouldn’t see?

“From now on, you keep your nose out of my personal life or you can kiss goodbye to seeing Mack and Mia!”

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their opinions over his hurtful words as Karen tried her best to do what was right for her grandchildren.

One user wrote: “Hopefully now Karen’s seen Gray’s dark side this will be the beginning of the end for him.

“He claims that he gets away with murder yet if he keeps shouting at people then more people are bound to get suspicious of him. Gray’s hours are numbered.”

Another agreed: “Poor Karen, she just wants the best for her grandkids. Gray is an idiot the proof is always in front of his face but he chooses not to see it.”

A third chimed in with: “Gray actually trying to threaten Karen over stopping access to the kids now really? She shouldn’t worry do much, Social Services probably award her fill custody anyway once he goes down (wishful thinking).”

But it’s not just Karen viewers are worried for, as fans of the BBC soap watched Chelsea make the decision to cheat on her murderous boyfriend when she celebrated her legal victory at Ruby’s club.

After a few drinks, Chelsea found a drunken friend and the pair flirted up a storm in the Square as the lucky lady was offered a place to stay for the night.

Unaware of Gray’s killer past, Chelsea took up the mystery man’s offer and replied: “I’d like to see where this night takes me.”

Fans soon returned to Twitter to share their fears for Chelsea’s safety as she falls into the same situation Chantelle found herself in a few weeks prior.

One user wrote: “‘I’d like to see where the night takes me’ really Chelsea? To a early grave is she’s not careful.

“Gray didn’t exactly take the news Chantelle was leaving him too well after all did he?”

Another added: “Chelsea really is playing a dangerous fame she should know by now that gray is very controlling and if he ever found out that she cheated on gray he’ll either kill her/ beat her or kill the guy she slept with.”

A third penned: “Chelsea thinks she’s smart playing this game with Gray. You would think having a serial killer father would trigger some kind of alarm for her. She's seen his anger.”

“Once Gray finds out about Chelsea cheating, we all know how he’s gonna react!!"

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.35pm on BBC One

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