EastEnders Christmas spoilers: Stacey Slater kisses ex Martin after he accidentally gives her Ruby Allen’s present

THERE’s jealousy and betrayal on the cards this Christmas in EastEnders as Stacey Slater kisses ex Martin Fowler.

Stacey – who is played by Lacey Turner in the BBC One soap – will get the wrong end of the stick when Martin accidentally gives her Ruby’s expensive present. 

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Viewers will see Stacey receive her present from Martin on Christmas day and grow delighted when she sees what it is.

But when he sees what he’s given her, Martin realises the huge mistake he’s made. 

Meanwhile, Ruby waits patiently at home with a table full of food she’s prepared for Martin.

Viewers will see her start to worry when Martin doesn’t answer his phone.

Later, viewers will see Stacey and Martin leave The Vic together.

Stacey, who’s got the wrong end of the stick thanks to Martin’s expensive gift, moves in and kisses him. 

Will Martin pull away or will he end up cheating on Ruby?

Stacey’s marriage to Martin was ruptured when she was forced to flee last year after whacking Phil Mitchell over the head with a spanner and leaving him for dead.

Stacey returned to the Square back in September and tried to patch things up with Martin, but she was shocked and betrayed when she learned Martin had moved on with her former best friend Ruby during her absence.

While Martin and Ruby went on holiday, Stacey clung onto the hope that Martin would choose her over Ruby and headed over to declare her true feelings after they returned. 

But after pouring her heart out, she was mortified when Ruby revealed she and Martin had married while they were away. 

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