EastEnders’ Callum will be ‘crushed’ when Ben’s secret revenge attack is exposed

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EastEnders fans have been left on the edge of their seats as Ben Mitchell interrogated his husband, Callum, after a freak attack on the Square.

Ben (Max Bowden) has been struggling to cope with the trauma of the homophobic attacks he has experienced.

It was revealed this week that Ben is behind the attacks on people in the square, which he sees as revenge for their homophobic attitudes.

So far, Ben has kept this a secret from his husband Callum (Tony Clay) and in Thursday’s (April 14) instalment of the BBC series Callum, who works for the police, is still none the wiser as to who is behind these attacks.

However, Ben seemed to probe his husband after he revealed he was left shaken by the recent incident that occurred just yards away from their front door.

Callum said: "He was attacked, left for dead in the alleyway next to the gym, Sharon found him."

Before Ben added: "This is what I was talking about, I told you that we weren't safe," before Callum confirmed that the attack was not a homophobic attack.

"You got any leads?" Ben asked before his husband added: "There's no witnesses, no forensics, they're getting sloppy, taking more risks, it's only a matter of time before they slip up."

Fans took to Twitter to express their views on Ben’s secret and how it will impact Callum and Ben’s relationship.

One fan said: "Ben is really good at hiding his guilt. He even tried to joke about it. Callum, Ben asking too many questions. He’s going to figure out."

A second fan wrote: “Callum is going to be crushed when he finds out it’s Ben.”

Another Twitter user said: “Ben listening to Callum tell him about his own crimes and then turning it into as if they are homophobic attacks."

A fourth fan wrote: “If only Callum knew what you've done Ben.”

Only matriarch Sharon Watts knows what Ben has been up to.

On Wednesday, (April 13) Sharon Watts was left shellshocked when she found Ben attacking a man in an alleyway with a metal pipe, who she later discovered had hurled homophobic abuse at him and his friends the night before.

In recent weeks, Ben has been struggling to cope after his husband Callum announced he would be the face of a new LGBT+ campaign to encourage members of the community to join the police force.

After anxiously watching the TV hunk model for the campaign, Ben suffered flashbacks to the death of his ex-Paul who was killed at the hands of a homophobic gang.

EastEnders airs Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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