Eamonn Holmes ‘can’t walk’ after operation made him ‘fall down stairs’

Eamonn Holmes says he ‘can’t walk’ on return to GB News

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After returning on Monday, Eamonn thanked GB News viewers for wishing him well.

He said: “[Viewers] you’ve been so good at getting in touch.”

Isabel revealed there were “pages and pages” of messages telling the hosts it was “great to see Eamonn back”.

“’Good to see Eamonn and Isabel back together,’” she read out.

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Eamonn explained there were a lot of fans asking the host “what was wrong” with him.

“Well basically, I can’t walk,” the presenter shared.

“Everything up here works,” Eamonn said gesturing to the top part of his body. “But it’s the legs.”

“The op that you’ve had has set you back at the moment,” Isabel explained.

“[The operation] has set me back and made me fall down stairs. My leg gave way and I fell down 18 stairs,” Eamonn recalled.

Isabel question why her co-host was climbing stairs after his operation.

“What am I supposed to do? How do you get to bed?” Eamonn hit back.

“So I fell down the spiral staircase, smashed my right shoulder, and the first thing you did was lean on my shoulder.”

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Isabel pointed out Eamonn then had to have an operation on his shoulder.

“The first thing you did was lean on my shoulder!” Eamonn quipped as Isabel apologised.

On Tuesday, Eamonn admitted his shoulder had “been hurting him the past two days”.

“I broke my shoulder I should say,” Eamonn said as Isabel helped to readjust her co-host’s chair.

The presenter continued: “I’m like the hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“I was worried it was because I gave you such a big hug yesterday,” Isabel confessed. “I was worried I’d set you back.”

“Didn’t hurt me too much,” Eamonn replied. “That was good.”

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