Eagle-eyed The Chase fans spot beauty faux pas as contestant has awkward blunder

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Fans of The Chase have taken to social media to point out a beauty faux pas with one of the contestants.

On today's show Sarah-Jane and Marjorie took on The Governess in the final chase to try and win a whopping £10,000.

However viewers of the show were distracted as they spotted that contestant Marjorie had some lipstick on her teeth.

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One fan said: "Marg's got lipstick on her teeth."

While others commented agreeing with the viewer with one questioning what the mark on her tooth could be.

Other fans were distracted by Marjorie's laugh with one writing "Marjorie has a laugh and a half doesn't she."

And another said: "Marjorie is certainly enjoying her day out isn't she!"

Marjorie and Sarah-Jane made it to the final Chase and managed to get an impressive 18 questions right between the two of them.

It was good, but not good enough as The Governess caught them with ease.

This comes after the host of the show recently revealed his daily skin care routine in an episode of the show.

Yesterday during the third round, one of the contestant's was asked a question about the "T-zone," and area on the face which includes the forehead and the nose.

Jenny then explained that some skin conditions require different moisturisers for the T-zone, to which Bradley pulled a confused face at the camera.

Bradley said that he'd "never heard" of a T-zone and Jenny joked that he was "showing his age".

She said that as a teenager, she was taught that the area "gets oilier than the rest of your face" so people "may need a different kind of moisturiser or face wash" to tackle the problem.

Bradley scoffed and said: "Moisturiser? I use what I always use. Lard! And I wash my hair with creosote!"

Jenny joked that "it explains" a lot before Bradley realised his mistake.

He continued: "Ooh, no. Coal tar soap, not creosote. Coal tar soap! Creosote is what you put on a fence!"

Walsh held on to the contestant's shoulder as he laughed uncontrollably while the panellists giggled at his error.

Jenny cracked a smile as Bradley tried to gain his composure and tried to explain that he meant "coal tar soap".


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