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DOG The Bounty Hunter revealed he's been seeing a therapist to cope with the tragic loss of his beloved wife Beth.

After spending the festive season alone, Dog – aka Duane Chapman – shared a candid post on Instagram this week.

"Going to my shrink for 6 months now ever since Beth left me," he captioned a post of native American artwork.

"I am not sure if it works let you know in another 6," the bereaved reality star added on Thursday.

The news comes after Duane spent a lonely Christmas without his partner of 22 years, who passed away in June from throat cancer.

The TV hardman, 66, said that his kids celebrated separately after he struggled to bring them together and that he feels "lonely."

He told Radar Online: "Beth was the punisher in the family and they know their dad is a softy.

"So, a lot of the kids aren’t coming this year. They’re like 'Dad, we are going to do our own thing.' I’m like 'Okay, whatever.' So that’s a little sad. I’ll mostly be alone."

Duane has 13 children from multiple previous marriages and he shared two kids with Beth.

The longtime lovebirds married in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2006.

Beth lost her cancer battle on June 26 after the disease spread to her lungs.

She was placed in a medically induced comma but died as a result of complications.

Duane reportedly used all of her old Christmas decorations to ensure their Colorado house felt Christmassy.

Devastated Duane said he's immersed himself in the second season of his show Dogs Most Wanted to cope.

"I’m really depending on Season 2 after the holidays," he told RadarOnline before Christmas. "I’m hoping for the best."

"I was looking at mugshots and talking to the mugshots and saying you know 'You better enjoy your freedom right now because I’m going to tell you something, wait until you get a load of Dog without Beth.'"

I’m really depending on Season 2 after the holidays.

“So catching the bad guys kind of keeps my mind off of stuff. But I feel like doing something worthy in life to keep going.

"I feel kind of empty without putting some of them really bad bastards in jail."

Duane also spent his first Thanksgiving without beloved late wife Beth and learned how to cook a turkey.

Joking about taking on the task of laying on a Thanksgiving feast, he told People: "I hope there is a guide on YouTube!”

He added: "Several family members are coming for the meal and my children are all freaked out because I’m cooking."

The bounty hunter hasn't had the easiest year with Beth's untimely death and an upsetting robbery over the summer.

Duane's store in Colorado was ransacked in August with the thieves making off with “thousands of dollars” and hunting gear which belonged to his beloved spouse.

But her death has made him more health-conscious and he is trying to kick that smoking habit for good.

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