Doctor Who fans go wild for eerie Torchwood alien crossover in season 12 premiere – The Sun

DOCTOR Who fans are going wild for the eerie Torchwood alien crossover in the season 12 premiere.

The first episode of series 12 saw The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) facing off against a spooky alien menace.

However, many fans recognised the voice as the villains of spin-off show Torchwood: Children of Earth, where Captain Jack Harkness and team faced off against the 456.

These villainous aliens demanded humans hand over their children, who they used as drugs via a horrific life support system.

The aliens fled the Earth after being defeated by Torchwood in the third series – meaning they could still return.

One fan said: "Hmmm, am still thinking the 456 are the aliens"

Another added: "The voice of the alien thing in this #DoctorWho reminds me of the 456"

This theory holds even more weight as Torchwood is specifically referenced in the episode.

Stephen Fry's character C dropped the name in conversation with the Doctor.

He says: "MI6 has never countenanced the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The country has other organisations that deal with all that, Unit, even Torchwood."

The Doctor replied: "They're all gone, C you took your eye off the horizon."

The episode ended with the Doctor's acquaintance O (Sacha Dhawan) revealing himself to be the Master.

He last appeared as Missy in 2017 – played by Sabrina actor Michelle Gomez – but was killed by a previous incarnation to stop her being the Doctor's ally.

The Doctor was trapped in another dimension at the end of the episode.

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