Devastated Robert desperate for revenge over Victoria rape in Emmerdale

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) sees red and wants nothing but revenge when he finds out what happened to Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) in Emmerdale, even at the risk of their relationship. Could he revert to his old ways in a bid to protect his sister?

Robert struggles in the wake of finding out about the attack, especially as Victoria reveals to him she’s pregnant and thinking about keeping it. What’s worse for Victoria is that as she held off reporting the rape for so long the, and destroyed all clothing and bedding from that night, the weren’t able to collect evidence, meaning it’s her word against Lee’s.

Will those closest to Victoria believe her?

When asked if she’ll have a fight on her hands to be believed, Isabel told ‘Possibly, yeah.’

Could Robert be one to struggle?

He finds out about the rape after seeing the police outside Victoria’s house and spots her returning with Moira (Natalie J Robb). Moira is the one to explain there has been an assault, but Victoria tells her brother that she’s been raped and has discovered she’s pregnant.

Isabel revealed to that after learning of the attack on his little sister, Robert goes into big brother mode and prepares for revenge on Lee, the man who attacked her in the night club.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised [if Robert gets revenge],’ Isabel revealed. ‘Robert doesn’t like not getting his own way does he? So I think if it did go that way [of Lee getting away with it], he’d have something to say about it.’

But the rape, which happened after Victoria invited Lee back to her house after the night out and he attacked her in her bedroom, and subsequent pregnancy cause ructions in Victoria and Robert’s relationship as he goes against her in her decision to have the baby.

Asked who is Victoria’s biggest support, Isabel revealed: ‘I want to say Robert, he’s trying his best, but he’s making mistakes. He just wants to be there for her and he wants to look after her but he puts pressure on her which she doesn’t need.

‘It puts distance between them because he’s just upsetting her, he doesn’t mean to but he is.

‘She’s just saying “I can’t do this without my brother”. There’s a lot with Robert where he’s like trying to get his head around it and it’s very difficult when you’re so passionate, it’s happened to your little sister, you have to bite your tongue. It’s too close for him. He wants to help, but he just keeps making it worse with what he’s saying.’

Victoria now has a fight on her hands to get Lee prosecuted with little evidence, and a big decision to make over her baby.

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