Death in Paradise filming halted after foot-long ‘carnivorous’ insect derailed scene

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little on dealing with wildlife on set

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Ralf Little, who is best known for playing DI Neville Parker in Death In Paradise, appeared on Thursday’s instalment of The One Show to discuss the new season of the Caribbean crime drama. However, the 41-year-old left host Ronan Keating open-mouthed after revealing a “carnivorous” insect caused havoc on set. Ralf explained the cast and crew were “not brave enough” to move the foot-long meat-eating centipede out of the way while shooting. 

DI Neville Parker headed back to the fictional island of Saint Marie on Friday as Death In Paradise returned for its 11th series on BBC One. 

Ahead of the new series airing, Ralf was invited onto The One Show where he detailed what the future holds for his character Neville’s love life after he tried to spark a flame with Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) in the show’s festive special. 

As well as teasing the storyline, he also opened up on an issue with giant insects creating chaos on set. 

Ronan asked: “Ralf, we have been talking about the brand new season of Death In Paradise.

“Now over the years the wildlife has created some problems during filming – tell me about it?” 

Ralf proceeded to detail how a “carnivorous” centipede caused havoc while filming.

He explained: “So there’s a thing called a Guadalupe and I guess in the Caribbean it’s called a scolopendra which I guess is basically a carnivorous meat-eating centipede and they give you a nasty nip. 

“They are not going to put you in hospital or anything, but you’d know about it if you saw one.”

The British actor added: “You’d be like, ‘Ah, get rid of it’.

“But about one week before I arrived in the middle of series nine there was an incident that I’ve seen on camera and it’s become legendary among the Death In Paradise crew.”

He revealed the crew were in the middle of a scene when a camera operator screamed as he could see a huge giant centipede crawling down a pole. 

Ralf explained: “It was just winding down the flag pole and everybody just went, ‘Let’s just take five minutes to have a break’, as no-one was brave enough to get rid of it. 

“It’s not without its challenges. The heat and the scolopendra are the downsides to my job.”

Ronan interjected: “But that’s it on the island, there’s nothing else [bad]?”

Ralf smiled: “No, there’s nothing else that can do you any harm. Mosquitos are a bit of a problem though but you live with it.” 

During the rest of the interview, Ralf tried his best to keep spoilers well hidden from BBC viewers. 

This meant he provided a rather blunt answer to one of Ronan’s questions about the new series. 

After praising Death in Paradise’s newcomer Shantol Jackson, who joined Ralf via video link on the programme, Ralf was asked by Ronan: “Does your character finally find love?”

In response, Ralf took a deep breath before promptly dodging the question.

“I would love to try and think of a clever way I could tell you something without giving anything away,” he replied.

Death in Paradise season 11 continues on BBC One on Friday and The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm. 

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