Dani Harmer ‘glad’ Tracy Beaker character is lesbian after ‘ridiculous’ wedding

Tracy Beaker fans are living through their childhood once again now the show has been given a new series.

Now, after nearly waiting two decades, iconic characters have returned to the screen.

Dani Harmer, who plays Tracy, is back in My Mum Tracy Beaker, as the programme shows her 10-year-old daughter's perspective.

The show, which aired on Friday, shows the new life which is different from the one we all saw at a care home, nicknamed the Dumping Ground.

She has now managed to score herself a rich new man, Sean Godfrey (Jordan Duvigneau), who featured in the original show.

Other favourites returned to the screen including Tracy's foster mum Cam, who in the finale got her 'happy ending'.

Dani, 32, took to twitter to speak of iconic character Cam.

She said: "At last Cam finally got her happy ending! We were fuming when she got married off to a man in the original series.

"It was ridiculous! But so glad Cam got what she deserved.

"She is a queen and deserved a queen in return."

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The star followed with a celebration and hearts emoji.

When fans responded with potential reasons why Cam's character may not have been shown as a lesbian when first aired, she said she 'knew' at the young age of 12.

"But at the age of 12 and filming that first series I knew the character was a lesbian!" she replied.

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Fans are thrilled that her foster mum marries a woman in a touching ceremony on the show.

The CBBC reboot of the Jacqueline Wilson character was able to show the special moment, whereas, in 1991 when the book was first published, a Section 28 was in force which prevented stories with LGBT+ characters being featured in school libraries.

It's believed this is the reason Cam's sexuality was never mentioned in the original Story of Tracy Beaker.

Wilson, who came out herself last year at the age of 74, said she "thought it was time she had a bit of fun in her life too," when she gave her a girlfriend in later books.

Loyal fans were delighted with the happy ending on the show, with some feeling 'very emotional' after the finale.

Others said it was a step forward for the channel.

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