Dancing on Ice fans ‘gutted’ as The Vivienne knocked out ahead of Joey

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Dancing on Ice returned to ITV for the grand finale with Joey Essex, The Vivienne and Nile Wilson all taking to the ice for the last time. They each performed a routine before coming together as a group for a ‘battle’ performance. Nile was crowned the winner, with Joey taking second place.

But the result did not go down well with some viewers as they were hoping The Vivienne would land a place in the final, saying Joey should have taken third.

@Scotthopper1 said: “Gutted for The Vivienne and Colin #dancingonice”

@Angel_Rc22: “Called it. Knew The Vivienne wouldn’t be in the final 2. Gutted and fuming.”

@MJ_JJ061215 added: “Nooooooo The Vivienne should be in the final 2. Joey is by far the weakest. Absolutely gutted. Nile to 100% win. #DancingOnIce”

Some viewers claimed The Vivienne was not given as much support with the production side when it came to her performance.

While Nile was joined by a large number of extras and a huge pirate-themed set, The Vivienne danced with three others on the ice with no frills.

There was also some backlash to The Vivienne’s routine with some viewers saying there was not enough solo skating.

@suebaggy said: “You can’t compare Vivienne’s dance to Nile’s hers was so much slower and in my opinion as much as I love Vivienne I was bored silly #DancingOnIce.”

@LouLaBella1968 said: “Vivienne is being pushed or carried round the ice. Not a worthy finalist #DancingOnIce.”

As for who was predicted to win ahead of the final, Nile Wilson was “displaying all the signs of a winner” according to Betfair.

Body language expert Darren Stanton claimed: “Nile has consistently been well-balanced, focused and determined from the outset of this process.

“His performances have never failed to be high achieving and it’s this consistency that puts him in great stead for great success.

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“He and partner Olivia consistently show great eye contact, reciprocal liking and genuine emotion.

“Each performance, the pair are on the same page at every level and this synchronization – matching and mirroring each other’s gestures both on and off the ice – within their body language is what is reminiscent of a winning partnership.”

Elsewhere, fans were quick to point out a glaring error which made former contestant Brendan Cole appear in more than one location.

Brendan and Regan Gascoigne took to the ice for a short segment.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield introduced the pair as they came out to perform some tricks.

However, viewers were quick to spot a filming error as just seconds before they emerged from backstage, they were seen in the audience behind the hosts.

Fans took to Twitter to expose the blunder, stressing how the final could not be called “live”.

Sophie Allott added: “Clearly parts of @dancingonice aren’t live…Brendan and Regan sat in the audience and then literally 2 seconds later they’ve changed and on the ice #DancingOnIce.”

Dancing on Ice is available to watch on the ITVHub.

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