Corrie’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson reveals truth about Nicky and Daniel

NICKY Wheatley is trying to stay on the straight and narrow as she gets closer to former flame Daniel Osbourne.

And according to Coronation Street actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson, the pair could be a perfect match – but there's a catch.

Future-driven Nicky has waved goodbye to her life as an escort for the benefit of her daughter Maisie as the pair settled in Weatherfield earlier in 2022.

But her plans to get into teaching have not gone accordingly as troublemaker Max Turner decided to sabotage her chance at a fresh start.

Soon enough, Daniel Osbourne's (Rob Mallard) saviour complex kicked in.

The Weatherfield High teacher, known for his protective instincts, suggested Nicky and Maisie should move in with him until things are more stable.

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But this wouldn't be Weatherfield if one of them didn't catch feelings after spending so much time with the other.

Coming up tonight in the cobbles, Nicky wears her heart on her sleeve and admits to Daniel she has been harbouring feelings for him.

With his breakup with Daisy Midgeley still weighing heavily on his mind and Tracy Barlow trying to ruin his life, Daniel is left confused.

But for actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson, the choice should be easy as she considers Nicky and Daniel to be "a good match."

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"I do think they’re a good match, she could put him in his place a lot", Kimberly told the Sun and other press.

As Nicky has been deprived of stability during most of her life, she recognises Daniel as her best option to finally have the picture-perfect family she longs for.

“He’s the closest thing she’s had to it in absolute years and years. Of course she’s going to go for that.” 

And considering his share of turbulent relationships since wife Sinead Tinker's death, Daniel could also do with some peace and quiet.

"It all depends on whether he wants to go to a theme park or have a picnic", Kimberly added as a veiled reference to Daisy Midgeley's strong temper.

"What he needs is stability, it’s routine and Nicky is the best one for that."

Unlike the Rovers barmaid, with whom Daniel has not had the time to show his vulnerable side before calling it quits, Nicky has seen "Daniel at his most vulnerable", following SInead's passing.

"She’s seen him warts and all and she still likes him." 

However, with Daniel going above and beyond to help her, it's easy for Nicky to forget that saving people is a habit of his.

"She doesn’t know Daniel likes to save people so she thinks it’s her he just wants to save. But we all know that he loves it, it’s a full-time job."

But while Daniel's own feelings have yet to be revealed, Kimberly has a suggestion for Corrie bosses.

What if Nicky remained single?

"I’d really like to see a strong single woman, raising a child, representing the community that we see around us now", the actress continued.

"I’d like to see that. I just want to see a woman survive on her own."

"There’s something in that. It’s the society we see today and right now, I don’t know if we have that character."

Until then, how will Daniel react to Nicky's admission?

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Tune in tonight to find out.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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