Corrie’s Gemma kidnapped – but viewers want her removed after bad twist

Gemma Winter was seemingly kidnapped in tonight's hour-long Coronation Street – but unsympathetic viewers didn't want her to come back.

It seems Corrie viewers are 'fed up' with Gemma's antics – with one calling for Phelan to return to kill her.

During a break from the holiday from hell, Gemma went to the pub and got drunk during a drinking contest with some pensioners.

After having half a bottle of rum to herself, drunken Gemma burst into the caravan after having trouble with the door and collapsed on the floor.

When she woke up, Gemma realised the caravan was being towed and she was in the middle of nowhere.

Banging on the windows, she screamed: "Let me out. Help. Stop, stop, please stop. Let me out."

In the twist that almost everyone had seen coming, Gemma had got in the wrong caravan in her drunken state.

She managed to get out when they stopped at a garden centre and locked herself in an elderly couple's car.

One of them warned: "Be careful. She might be one of those drug addicts. She might have a machete."

Gemma replied: "You two should be ashamed of youselvees. Joyriding at your age."

She called the police to report the theft of the caravan, but soon realised she had made a massive mistake once she phoned Chesney.

The police dropped Gemma off at the correct caravan after the couple decided not to press charges.

Furious Chesney lost his rag and drove them home – and it seems like it could be the end for Chemma.

Sobbing Gemma said: "This holiday was supposed to make everything better but it's just made it ten times worse."

Ches said he didn't want his girlfriend to change but wasn't sure if they could carry on living like this.

Annoyed Coronation Street viewers took to Twitter to vent their anger at Gemma.

"Why do writers have to spoil characters by making them look stupid. The Gemma scenes tonight are just too ridiculous," said one angry viewer.

Added another: "Please make it stop with the Gemma and Chesney storylines. They are not funny and taking up way too much time on #Corrie"

"#Corrie that's the best thing I've seen in ages, Gemma being driven away. Hopefully never to return. Filthy mare," said a third.

A fourth joked: "Can phelan come back and bump off Gemma?"

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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