Corrie star warns Damon will 'suck all the life' from Nick and his loved ones

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) has found himself in a terrible situation in Coronation Street. Taking a financial handout from Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) came back to bite him very quickly when Harvey’s brother Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) arrived in Weatherfield and very quickly started blackmailing Nick while using the bistro as a front to deal drugs.

As the situation rapidly got out of hand, Nick began to realise exactly how much trouble he’s in. Ben Price told us that his character’s major mistake was under-estimating how evil Damon was.

‘I think he thought, naively, that Damon wasn’t the same as his brother, maybe not as bad or as dangerous,’ he speculated. ‘That’s the thing with Nick, he’s just naive. He was panicked, he wanted the money to get him out of a hole and then it’s just got deeper and deeper.’

Nick rapidly discovered that Damon was far more dangerous than he assumed, Ben told us. ‘Actually Damon is more sophisticated than his brother. Nick was used to the way Harvey played things but with Damon he didn’t see this straight away. Damon operates differently, he doesn’t lay it out from the start like Harvey.’

He described Damon as being like a snake. ‘The worst part for Nick is that he’s like a boa constrictor, he’s slowly going to suck all the life out of his business and then his family,’ he said. ‘Nick just doesn’t know how to get out of his hold. He’s almost relieved when Leanne (Jane Danson) finds out but then it escalates much, much quicker than he thought it was going to.’

While Nick is having a terrible time, as an actor Ben is relishing the chance to revisit the darker side of his character and hark back to his roots as the son of Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten), who split up from Gail (Helen Worth) and had a fractured relationship with his children.

‘There’s definitely sides to Nick, he stole from his own gran remember!’ he recalled.

‘There’s a part of him that still has his dad in him, he can be quite Machiavellian at points, but then he has this family and this sense that because his dad wasn’t there for him he needs to step up. He misguidedly thought taking the money would make everything right for all of them. What he’s trying to do all the time is get stability for his family but the way he does it is always wrong.’

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