Corrie reveals unexpected but amazing character who may take down killer Stephen

The penny really started to drop for Carla Connor (Alison King) in Wednesday’s (August 30) episode of Coronation Street as she voiced her concerns that someone had previously drugged her with LSD.

We know that Carla’s theory is absolutely correct. She was drugged by Stephen (Todd Boyce) a few months ago, who hoped that Carla would become incredibly unwell and then leave her role at Underworld.

Carla did this after having what she thought were multiple psychotic episodes. She then chose to spend time in a mental health unit to recover and over the past few weeks, has felt well enough to return to working at the factory.

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Working at the factory has seen Carla become friends with Lou, the wife of Rufus, who Stephen murdered.

During tonight’s episode, Carla and Lou were chatting about Rufus’ history with taking drugs. Lou explained that Rufus would often take a small amount of the LSD each day, but she never developed a habit as she didn’t like the impact it had on her body and mental health.

As Lou chatted, Carla started to realise the symptoms Rufus experienced after taking drugs were similar to what she went through.

This allowed Carla to reach the conclusion that she was spiked with LSD but understandably, telling her loved ones that she was drugged by someone who wanted to take over her business didn’t exactly look good.

Carla stood her ground, however, telling Peter and Doctor Gaddas that she definitely isn’t paranoid and her theory is right.

In the cafe, as Carla confronted Roy, she assumed that he was still under the impression that she wasn’t well mentally.

It then became apparent that Roy had thought about Carla’s accusation in further detail and handed her the details of a clinic, telling her that if she sends them a hair sample, they will confirm if she has LSD in her system.

As Carla vowed to ‘raise hell’ if the results come back positive, Stephen was being lead upstairs by Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) after sharing a kiss.

So, given that LSD stays in someone’s system for 90 days, the positive result will all depend on whether Stephen drugged Carla within that time frame.

If Carla’s theory is proved to be correct, all she needs to do is find enough evidence that confirms Stephen was responsible.

Who would’ve thought it, after all this time, Roy Cropper might be the person who creates that chain of events which will eventually lead to Stephen Reid being destroyed.

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