Corrie launches sexy new romance story for Sarah and Adam

It looks like Gary is well and truly out on his Windass as far as Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is concerned as Coronation Street has exclusively revealed a sizzling new story of love and passion for her and Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

The picture and storyline first appeared in Metro Soaps’ brand new newsletter, released every Friday morning – so sign up here if you want to get this gossip earlier than everyone else. It also contained exclusive previews from EastEnders and Hollyoaks bosses Jon Sen and Bryan Kirkwood.

With Gary (Mikey North) having lost everything, Sarah can no longer trust him and as the relationship crumbles, a returning and very Poladark-esque looking Adam will be waiting in the wings to bring some more lightness and fun to Sarah’s life.

Tina exclusively told ‘I am really enjoying playing this new lighter side of Sarah. Adam brings out a side of her personality that has been buried for a while. Sarah is definitely more cheeky and so much more flirty with Adam. It’s like she is young again and she is having that experience of feeling wanted.

‘She’s even got a whole new wardrobe which is great. She is still young but she has had so much going on in her life she was feeling very downtrodden, Adam is making her feel desirable again.’

But the new romance won’t be without it’s difficulties when the rivalry between Gary and Adam rears its head. Tina said: ‘I love the dynamic between Gary and Adam. There’s great friction and Sarah is in the middle of it all.

‘Although she doesn’t want to be with Gary she still cares about him and doesn’t want to see him hurt. Adam is paying her attention and saying nice things to her and she can’t deny that he makes her happy even if that upsets Gary.’

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