Corrie fans stunned at Sean and Roy's creamy sexual comments

Coronation Street fans were left in shock at what they interpreted to be a cheeky sexual innuendo in tonight’s episode (January 22).

Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) was left disappointed by everyone’s favourite cafe owner Roy Cropper (David Neilson), who informed him that yet again, there were no cream horns available.

‘What, still [none]?’ Sean exclaimed in disappointment. ‘It’s been months since I’ve had a horn!’

We’re still talking about pastries, right Sean?

Corrie viewers were left in stitches, as they thought Sean was referring to something else with such a statement.

One said: ‘Excuse me did he just say on corrie its been months since had a horn I’m.saying nothing’

Another added: ‘Ok, who wrote the Sean/Roy cream horn scene. You naughty people’

One more added; ‘Just howled at Roy & Sean’s innuendo conversation about a cream horn’

Roy certainly didn’t help matters, as he launched into a monologue about how he believes horns aren’t as popular as they used to be… due to their messy and creamy nature.


‘Perhaps it’s to do with the mess they make?’ Roy opined. ‘It’s impossible not to get cream around one’s mouth which is an invitation to touch one’s face which, in current cirumstances, is less than advisable.’

Oh, Roy.


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