Coronation Street’s Spider Nugent returns as Toyah rekindles with old flame

Toyah Habeeb is set for more turmoil in Coronation Street next week, as an old flame returns to haunt her after the death of her husband Imran.

Still reeling from being charged with her hubby's murder, Toyah tells Leanne that she intends to repay her the money for her legal bills after being released on bail.

But it isn't that easy, as Toyah returns to work at Underworld – and quickly begins snapping at customers on the phone. Jo Lafoe warns Sarah that employing someone charged with murder just isn't a good look for the factory.

Desperate to distract herself from her woes and Leanne's lack of faith in her, Toyah begins a protest against waste incineration. Leanne refuses to back off, however, and insists on coming along to help.

Her sister invites her to join the protest – which eventually grows to include Mary, Brian, Nina and Asha, along with a gang of seasoned activists she's mobilised.

They manage to block in the council bin wagon on Victoria Street, with Toyah leaping into the cab of the wagon – much to her sister's dismay. Could this get Toyah in even more trouble with the police?

She's not alone for long, however, as a man picks his way through the assembled protestors and clambers up next to her.

Toyah's left stunned to discover it's her ex-boyfriend Spider. The pair soon get to reminiscing, with Toyah breaking down to Spider about Imran's death.

Without hesitating, she invites Spider to stay over with her at the flat.

Of course, Spider isn't the only returning face on the cobbles next week, as Audrey and Gail deal with the aftermath of her son Stephen's comeback.

He apologises for blaming Gail for Audrey's accident, and offers to help make peace between the fiery mother and daughter.

Stephen takes Gail to Audrey's bedside, and warns his mum that if the pair don't make up he'll be out of here as quickly as he came, on the first plane home.

But will Audrey thaw towards her daughter?

Meanwhile, Stephen feels a frisson of attraction to Tim's mum Elaine as he thanks her for the help.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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