Coronation Street’s Shona ‘disappears’ as massive sinkhole destroys Platt home

Coronation Street character Shona Platt is set to vanish when a massive sinkhole appears in the Platts' back garden – but luckily she's not hurt.

This week, Coronation Street spoilers revealed that the sinkhole forces the Platts to leave their home as it causes huge destruction.

And Shona actress Julia Goulding revealed Shona gets stuck in the thick of it – quite literally – when she vanishes underground.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, Julia said: "[David and Shona] are starting to date again.

"Shona has sparked up a really lovely relationship with Nina because they're living together. They go round to the Platts' for a barbecue."

She explained: "Shona's obsessed with this trampoline in the back garden that belongs to Lily and just wants to bounce on it."

Julia recently welcomed her first child, and she joked: "As a woman who's just had a baby, it was quite challenging."

She continued: "But she's jumping on it loads, really frustrating David.

"David, Sarah and Nina go back into the house and suddenly there's this rumbling and the ground shakes and they come out and no Shona – and a massive hole in the garden.

"It's quite tense for a few seconds until she appears again, really nonplus that there's a hole in the back garden."

Recently, Shona and David (Jack P Shepherd) have been trying to make their relationship work again – or at least start a new one.

Shona lost her memory after she ended up in a coma following the Christmas shooting of 2019.

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She forgot everything about her life on Coronation Street and her marriage with David, leaving him devastated and on a path of self-destruction.

However, Shona has been trying her hardest to try and get to know David again and fall in love with him like she was before.

The changes to her personality have not been unnoticed though, and she has got herself into a few awkward situations.

Over the past couple of months, Shona has propositioned David for sex – despite them still being in the early stages of getting to know each other again.

And it seems being in public doesn't bother her any more either, as Shona recently stripped off in the street for a midday romp which David turned down.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV

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