Coronation Street star reveals Daniel's damaging victim blaming to Daisy

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has been left terrified in Coronation Street after stalker Justin (Andrew Still) took things a step further by turning up in Weatherfield.

Justin has found a job delivering parcels that has allowed him to get closer to Daisy, leaving her feeling incredibly vulnerable.

Daisy has been turning to fiancé Daniel (Rob Mallard) for support, though according to actress Charlotte Jordan, things between them may be set to take a turn.

‘Daniel is her chosen partner in life so the person she spends most time with’, she said.

‘When you’re going through a problem and you feel totally powerless and you can’t say what you want to say to the person that’s causing you all this grief because it’s not getting through, she will start taking it out on Daniel because that’s the only thing she can do. People around you get the brunt of it.

‘So as much as he’s supporting her and trying to do what he can to help her through it, tensions get really high. She starts to snap and she starts to get really fragile and unfortunately he’s the one that’s got to learn how to deal with that and navigate her through it.’

Daniel has been insistent on Daisy taking a break from social media, in order to stop Justin from seeing what she’s up to, something which Charlotte thinks is, ‘just the worst’.

‘It’s victim-blaming mentality and so dangerous, so damaging.

‘We’ve got this epidemic at the minute where violent crimes against women are for some reason women’s responsibility to stop everything. The onus is always on the woman to change her behaviours and change what she’s doing. That’s so, so wrong.

‘I don’t have degrees or anything like that so I’m probably not articulating it particularly well, but the responsibility should not be on the woman not to post a picture of herself where she feels cute. It should be in educating men on what a healthy relationship is and what consent is and things like that.

‘It’s got to be talking about it with men as opposed to telling women “change everything about yourself so you don’t put yourself in a dangerous position”. Men should just do better. That’s not just me tarring men with one brush but it is a problem because it’s happening more and more’, Charlotte said.

‘Even when you go back to Sarah Everard and what happened to her, a lot of the initial conversations were “well, she was walking on her own late at night…”. No. It’s not. It’s not the victim’s fault.’

In an upcoming episode, Daisy will give in to Daniel’s suggestions of coming away from social media, though this will only make matters worse.

‘Daisy is a feisty, confident character and even though she’s got Daniel and Christina (Amy Robbins) and sometimes Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) saying “maybe come off your phone, come off social media, maybe you can make him go away like that” she’s been fighting it because she knows that’s not fair, that’s not how it should go.

‘So she’s been really trying to keep a hold of her identity and keep a hold of the things that she wants. But this episode is the one where she relents and finally agrees, ‘ok, maybe I will step back a bit,’ and Daniel takes over her social media for her so she doesn’t have to see his constant messages.

‘Daniel’s always turned his nose up a bit at social media so he does something that isn’t quite right and it sort of sets her off and makes her upset because she’s been working so hard to plan this wonderful wedding.

‘On a side note I think a lot of people turn up their noses at the whole influencer thing, but she knows they haven’t got loads of money and she’s not saying to Daniel “I want you to provide all these things for me,” she’s planning a way to get them herself which I think is great. And so she wants to give them this fantastic day.

Support for victims of stalking

Saskia Garner, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust would advise anyone who is triggered by watching these episodes or who relates to it or thinks of someone they know who is experiencing similar behaviours to encourage them to come forward to get support.

‘Our helpline is 0808 802 0300 or you can access support through our website and also just to keep a log of any incidents.

‘Just keep a track if you’re receiving unwanted messages or a person’s turning up at your place of work or you’ve spotted them somewhere or whatever it is just keep a secure log of those incidents so if you want to report that you’re already demonstrating that pattern of behaviour and that can really help to get you the support you need.’

Charlotte added: ‘And then Daniel mucks up her social media and that just sends her over the edge because her nerves are shredded already because of Justin. It sends her into this chaotic spin, she feels like no one is understanding her, the police aren’t helping her, so her levels are already right up here.

‘Then she storms off to get some air and she sees Justin with this bouquet of flowers – which is very triggering to her because that’s how this whole thing began, with a bunch of flowers.

‘She sees red because she feels so isolated – no one’s understanding, no one’s helping – and she just thinks “I’ll take this into my own hands and tell this guy to sod off for good.” And it escalates very quickly because she’s already in a very heightened state.’

Daisy ends up punching Justin, who then reports her to the police. When the police chase up the complaint straight away, Daisy is left feeling totally isolated.

Will Justin ever get his comeuppance, or is it only going to get worse for Daisy?

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