Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster betrays brother Kevin to destroy the cobbles

DEBBIE Webster betrays brother Kevin next week in Coronation Street as she and Ray continue with their evil plan to destroy the cobbles. 

The newcomer – who was recently revealed as Ray’s secret sidekick – will warn him about the residents’ plan to get the brewery listed as an historical building so the street can’t be turned into flats. 

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But Debbie’s tip off means Ray is able to call for the bulldozers before the residents have even lodged their application.

When the residents see a bulldozer heading towards the brewery they spring into action, setting up camp in front of the building.

Viewers will then see Rita lead them in a rendition of ‘We Shall not be Moved.’

The next morning, everyone celebrates stalling Ray by sleeping outside the brewery, but their joy is short-lived when they see a huge long-arm digger rearing its head.

As Ray’s men start to dismantle their camp, Ken stands in the bulldozer’s path and refuses to move.

Meanwhile, Abi jumps into the cab of a digger.

But her plan goes terribly wrong when she loses control of the long arm, which crashes down on a substation and knocks everyone’s power out.

Later, Kevin wonders how Ray got wind of their plans.

Could Kevin blow Debbie’s cover?

Sue Devaney – who plays Debbie in the ITV soap – revealed that, unlike Ray, Debbie doesn’t have cruel intentions.

Talking to The Sun Online, she revealed: "She thinks she’s doing everything for the good of everyone else and I think that is what Debbie’s about – she doesn’t do it from a place where she is going to destroy all the houses.”

She added: “Because she has come from that area, she thinks she can make this place so much better than it is and I don’t think she realises the consequence of these people who have lived there all their lives. 

“I think she really truly believes that she is doing this for the good of everyone else, for an actor we think in feelings rather than facts. 

“I have to embrace Debbie’s badness to get an end result and what she thinks will be a good result. 

“By putting a high rise there she can bring more jobs, more community spirit and thinking about the bigger picture.”

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