Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin ‘imprisoned’ as Peter’s huge betrayal exposed

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Abi Franklin (played by Sally Carman) missed out on the opportunity to say goodbye to her children before they moved to Australia with their foster parents on Coronation Street. The mechanic was involved in a freak accident at work and rushed to hospital where she assured her loved ones she could cope with the devastating turn of events. However, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) spotted her stealing liquid morphine and her actions could cost her her freedom. 

The mechanic is a recovering drug addict who struck up a friendship with recovering alcoholic Peter. 

But will Peter betray Abi after believing it’s the only way to ensure she gets the help she needs? spoke to Jennifer Smith, Litigation Executive at medical negligence firm Patient Claim Line about what the future could hold for Abi.

Jennifer revealed some of the “failings” the hospital observed in assessing Abi’s case. 

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Jennifer explained: “Abi had not only experienced a very traumatic accident that day, but she had also suffered the emotional trauma of not being able to say goodbye to her children, who were being adopted and moving to Australia that very day, because of the accident. 

“The events of the day were clearly taking their toll on Abi, as she was visibly distressed on the ward.

“She was clutching a letter from her children and crying when a doctor found her.

“There was a failure to sufficiently assess Abi when she was observed as visibly upset and distressed on the ward.”

“And [a failure] in leaving a controlled drug unlocked in close proximity and unsupervised,” she continued.  

“The doctors ought to have been aware from her records that she had a history of drug abuse.

“And the doctor who passed by confirmed he was aware of the circumstances around her admission.”

Once Abi’s loved ones had left her to rest, Coronation Street viewers watched her break down in tears as she clutched a drawing from her children. 


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A passing doctor checked on Abi but was called away to an emergency development with the patient adjacent to the mechanic. 

When a drugs cabinet was left unattended, Abi seized the opportunity to steal morphine but Peter spotted her and demanded she return the substance. 

Jennifer confirmed there could be life-changing consequences to Abi’s actions. 

“There may even be criminal implications for Abi as she has stolen a class A controlled drug,” she added. 

Peter feels responsible for Abi as he understands what it’s like to battle addiction. 

However, he may feel the only option to keep his friend safe is to report her to the authorities. 

Abi is no stranger to the police and could be given the harshest punishment for her crime. 

Will the mechanic face time behind bars or will Peter help her see sense?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7.30pm.

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