Coronation Street shares first look at giant sinkhole that tears up Platt family home

CORRIE has teased the first look at the giant sinkhole that tears up the Platt family home and almost ruins David and Shona’s BBQ date.

In scenes that will air next week, the Platt family are horrified when they discover their garden has gone after a sinkhole opens up.

Next week, David organises a BBQ to try and convince Shona to stay in the Street and they can all enjoy some time together.

While bouncing around on the trampoline, Shona is nearly swallowed up when a giant sink hole forms in the Platt's garden.

Colin – you know Colin, from the water company – turns up and tells the family that the house is unstable and they all need to find somewhere else to live.

With David and Shona's marriage on the rocks thanks to her memory loss, he's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

And it's not just the Platts who are affected as other residents find themselves drawn into the mire.

A source told The Sun Online: "It's going to cause huge issues for the already hard-up residents on the cobbles – no-one wants a sinkhole in their garden, especially with the damage they can do."

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