Coronation Street fans ‘expose’ Esther’s murderous revenge on Summer

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Coronation Street couple Summer (played by Harriet Bibby) and Aaron Sandford (James Craven) recently suffered heartbreak as she miscarried their baby. The teenagers were planning on giving their child up for adoption to Esther (Vanessa Hehir) and Mike Hargrave (Tom Lorcan). However, fans have begun to worry for Summer’s well-being as they “work out” Esther’s revenge plot.

When she first found out that she was pregnant, Summer told Aaron that she would have an abortion as the pair agreed they weren’t ready to be parents yet.

However, Summer used her manipulation skills and blackmailed Esther and Mike into giving her £10,000 in exchange for them to adopt the baby.

Summer wanted to help Aaron get away from his abusive father, and use the money to get him into rehab.

During Monday night’s episode, Summer went to visit Mike and Esther and told them she was thinking of moving away with Aaron.

She explained that she was keeping the pregnancy a secret from her adoptive father Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank).

The couple asked if she wanted to move in with them, to which she agreed to do despite obvious hesitations from Aaron.

After receiving her recent pay packet from the couple, Summer soon realised that she was bleeding, and was later informed that she had lost the baby.

Immediately after the scenes had aired, fans took to their Twitter accounts to admit their worries for the youngster.

Jess Phillips bluntly claimed: “Well that’s Summer dead and buried in the garden then, why would you agree to move in?! #corrie.”

@HarryFan4Life_ commented: “Summer, You should just tell them. You’re going to get in so much trouble.”

Another fan added: “I dread to think what Mike and Esther would do if they find out she’s lying.”

@itzzzo_ theorised: “Creepy Esther and Mike holding Summer hostage when they find out about what’s happened with the baby.”

@Polly_009 said: “Poor Summer has had a miscarriage, she’s now in debt with Esther and Mike, the baby snatchers… #corrie.”

Clare Innes agreed: “Starting to worry that Summer is going to end up badly hurt when Esther finds out she no longer has the baby.” (sic)

After Summer had been to see the couple, she came home to find a drunken Eric starting on Aaron once again.

Getting him back into rehab and continuing to get him help, Summer suggested to Aaron that they shouldn’t tell Mike and Esther about her miscarriage to ensure they continue to get the money.

Summer could continue to live with Esther and Mike to keep up pretences and not let on that she no longer has the baby.

However, she could put her life in danger if Esther and Mike find out, considering the lengths they were willing to go through to make sure she went through with the adoption.

Is Summer’s life on the line?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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