Coronation Street fans convinced Hope will MURDER Alina in deadly revenge twist

CORONATION Street fans are convinced that Hope will MURDER Alina in a deadly revenge twist.

The 11-year-old, who is played by Isabella Flanagan in the ITV soap, definitely has it in her, considering her biological dad is serial killer John Stape.

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Since the death of her real dad, Hope has been looked after by mum Fiz Brown and partner Tyrone Dobbs.

But in the past the demon child has shown a pretty evil side to her – she's tried to convince her cousin Joseph to jump from a great height, and she's even set the Underworld on fire.

So now that she knows Alina has ruined her parents' relationship, she could go as far as killing the Romanian beauty to get her own back.

Last night Tyrone finally came clean about his affair with Alina and little Hope listened to them argue from the stairs.

They continued to go around in circles trying to blame each other for the breakdown of their relationship.

Fiz had enough and shouted: "YOU'RE the reason the relationship is broken. Go on get out."

A devastated Tyone replied: "What are we going to tell the girls?"

"That their dad cares more about a 23-year-old tart than he does about them," Fiz snapped back.

A heartbroken Hope sat on the stairs as she listened to her parents argue whilst cuddling her toy unicorn.

Although she looked cute as a button, some fans of the hit show think that she's up to something.

One wrote on Twitter: "I'm already predicting Hope's revenge on Alina! @itvcorrie#coronationstreet."

Another said: "Oh no! Hope overheard. I hope she doesn't start misbehaving again. #CoronationStreet #Corrie."

A third chimed in: "How long before hope sets alina alight the little firebug #coronationstreet."

A fourth joked: "Hope is going to go bat s**t crazy on Alina #Corrie."

A fifth tweeted: "Hope will soon be reaching for the matches again."

Meanwhile other viewers were very distracted by Rita Tanner's stock in her shop.

The newsagent had a surprise visit from her former foster child Sharon Bentley, but fans couldn't understand why she had CDs dated back from the 90s being sold behind her.

One viewer tweeted: "They really need new CDs in the Kabin on #Corrie. Or just not bother selling them at all."

A second joked: "Tip my hat off to the props team."

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