Coronation Street betrayal as Billy Mayhew framed for Todd’s hit and run?

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Todd (played by Gareth Pierce) prides himself on being sneaky and getting his way, whatever it takes. But his recent actions have caught up with him, and after a recording of him bragging about his lies and deceit was played at a public event for all Coronation Street residents to hear, his friends and family have been left disgusted. He was close to running off and starting a new life, but was convinced by George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) to stay and redeem himself. But official ITV spoilers confirm that Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) will unknowingly hit Todd with her car before fleeing the scene. When evidence is questioned, will police wrongly assume Billy was the culprit? After all, the vicar had the biggest motive after being hurt and humiliated by Todd.

In upcoming episodes, Shona bursts into number eight in only a dressing gown and confesses to stunned husband David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) that she hit something while moving his car.

She confessed she panicked and drove away and actress Julia has explained how the incident came about as Shona reignites her feud with Todd.

She said: “Shona couldn’t sleep. It is about 5am and she goes into the living room and opens the curtains and sees that the hearse has gone from outside the house.

“She quickly grabs David’s car keys, even though she shouldn’t be driving, and she legs it out of the house in her dressing gown, PJs and slippers and goes round the corner to get David’s car to then park it outside the house quickly before anyone else does.

“She is in a hurry and the slipper got caught under the clutch, it was all very dramatic and she hit something and she is not sure what it is and she runs into the house.”

Finding no evidence at the scene of the accident, the couple end u√hrugging it off and ask Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) to mend the dent in the car.

Meanwhile, Todd’s mother Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) tells Billy that Todd has been the victim of a hit and run and is in hospital.

When Abi starts to put things together, Shona admits to her she was the one driving the car, and had panicked.

The mechanic reluctantly agrees not to go to the police but that could spell trouble for Billy.

Talking about Shona and David’s next move, Julia revealed: “They need to find out if he [Todd] knows who hit him and they need to get rid of the dent in the car, but Abi knowing is a problem.”

She continued: “They need to know if Todd remembers and is going to tell the police.

“He has told Eileen that he can’t remember anything so it is looking hopeful.”

But things get serious when David is arrested after Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) informs him they have found the vehicle dumped in a pub car park with a huge dent in it.

At the police station, Craig interviews David and reveals that the paint fragments on Todd’s clothes match those of the car.

A while later though, he tells David new evidence has come to light and he is free to go. Could talk in the Street have pointed towards Billy as a likely suspect?


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Having moved back into number 11, Todd tells Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) that he intends to be a better person, starting with his community service.

But when Billy realises Todd has been assigned to work at the soup kitchen, he becomes angry and sends him packing.

Mary queues up at the soup kitchen and manages to persuade Billy to find a job for Todd, or he could end up in prison.

Billy begrudgingly relents, but reveals the two won’t be working together again as he’s made sure they’re on different shifts.

But could his attempt to keep Todd away have triggered a suspicion in Mary that Billy is out for revenge?

Although Shona and David would likely feel guilty seeing Billy take the blame, the pair are also fearful of Todd.

“David knows of Todd’s form far more than Shona does as she doesn’t remember, but she knows he is a wrong ‘un,” Julia explained.

“She knows about all the Paul and Billy stuff so she is aware he’s a bad egg, but David is completely aware of the problems Todd could cause them.

“Shona is more panicked about what could happen to her for breaking the law but David is more worried about what will happen if they get away with it where the police are concerned – they won’t get away with it with Todd.”

Desperate for an escape, it’s possible the pair might take a backseat as Billy is put in the frame for the incident.

Talking about Shona and Todd’s relationship before she suffered the brain injury, Julia reflected: “If we cast our mind back to Shona and Todd’s relationship before her brain injury, they were never the best of friends.

“He was very suspicious of her from the outset and she didn’t like him.

“Since then he has come back and been exactly the same with Shona as he was last time. She can’t remember but she very quickly forms the same opinion as last time.”

But if Billy does end up being arrested, what will happen to Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby)?

The teen was cared for by Billy and Todd and has now disowned the latter over his actions – will she believe Billy could be capable of something like a hit and run?

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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