CNN Obtains Clips From Roger Stone Documentary; Footage May Be Shown At Next January 6th Committee Hearing

The January 6th Committee hearing on Wednesday may include clips of another documentary, this one on Roger Stone, the informal adviser to Donald Trump, in which he says before the 2020 election, “F*ck the voting. Let’s get right to the violence.”

CNN interviewed the Danish filmmakers behind the project and aired some of the clips on Monday.

The filmmakers had been subpoenaed by the committee earlier this year and came to an agreement to share some of the footage. They had been following Stone around for several years for the documentary project, which has yet to be released.

In one of the clips, from months before the election, Stone talks about rejecting the results, predicting that the election will “not be normal” and saying, “If the electors show up at the Electoral College, armed guards will throw them out.”

In another clip, shot the night before the election, Stone says, “F*ck the voting, let’s get right to the violence…. Shoot to kill. See an Antifa, shoot to kill.” The Washington Post reported that Stone then said, “I am of course only kidding. We renounce violence completely. We totally renounce violence. The left is the only ones who engage in violence.”  But later that day, according to the Post, Stone again talked of clashes with activists on the left.

Christopher Guldbrandsen, director and producer of A Storm Foretold, told CNN’s Don Lemon that he and Frederik Marbell, the project’s director of photography, were questioned by committee lawyers for four days in Copenhagen. They ultimately agreed to provide the committee with eight minutes of material, including footage in the documentary and raw material.

Guldbrandsen told Lemon that it was “very emblematic” for leaders of the Trump movement to communicate in a way where they appear to be serious then say that they are joking. “I mean, he’s joking, or is he joking?” he said.

“Stone, Trump, all these people, they say beforehand what they’re going to do, but we just have a very difficult time really believing they’re actually going to do it because it’s so outrageous,” he said.

In another clip, Stone talks of how important it is for Trump to declare victory on Election Night even with results still “up in the air.” That’s actually what happened, and four days later Joe Biden was projected as the winner.

Guldbrandsen said that the clips show Stone “right in the middle” of a “conspiracy to overturn the election,” even months before voting began.

“When you look back in hindsight, you can see that was actually what more or less unfolded,” Guldbrandsen said.

The filmmakers said that they also met with a special agent of the FBI, but they rejected their request for all of the materiall.

“I think in a modern democracy, we have each our goals. Law enforcement has theirs, and the journalists, we have our own. And we wanted to stay in our own lane,” Guldbrandsen said.

The filmmaker said that even though the documentary examines Stone’s ties to the White House and to the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, the project does not establish a link between all three. That has been a focus of the January 6th Committee, as it tries to show how the attack on the Capitol on January 6 was pre-meditated and triggered by Trump’s election denialism.

Stone was questioned by the committee in December.

The January 6th Committee previously obtained footage from another documentary, Alex Holder’s Unprecedented, that debuted during the summer on Discovery+.

Stone gave a statement to CNN, which Lemon read on air.

“I challenge the accuracy and authenticity of these videos and believe they have been manipulated and selectively edited. I also point out that the filmmakers do not have a legal right to use them.

“How ironic that Kim Kardashian and I are both subjected to computer manipulated videos on the same day. The excerpts you provided below proved nothing, certainly they do not prove I had anything to do with the events of January 6th. That being said, it clearly shows I advocated for lawful, congressional, and judicial options.”

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